Valuetom Non-Slip Memory Foam Seat Cushion – Spinal Alignment Chair Pad Seat Cushion for Office Chair, Car, Truck, Plane, Wheelchairs, etc. for Relief from Sitting Back Pain

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Get instant relief from sitting back pain!

Humans were not meant to sit all day long. Sitting for long periods can cut off circulation and pinch nerves in your butt and legs causing pain, numbness, and even long term tissue damage over time.

The Valuetom cushion stops the pain cycle within 30 seconds of the time you first sit on it.

Our high performance grade A memory foam technology responds to the heat from your body and forms itself into the exact shape of your butt.
This process eliminates the point pressure normally associated with sitting and replaces it with fully distributed support that keeps you comfortable even while sitting for hours on end.

100% pure, Grade A memory foam with NO fillers.

Because we use only the highest quality material, our cushion is completely environmentally friendly and odorless, and will not flatten over time. No off-gassing or strange smells.

Non-slip bottom side keeps your Valuetom cushionin place underneath you.

Standard memory foam cushions are great for back pain, but can negatively affect posture as they slowly slide off of your seat after hours of use, causing you to slump.
The cushion solves this problem, and actually encourages excellent posture, using a non slip fabric on the underside of the cushion to keep it in place even after hours of continuous use.
PAIN RELIEF – Alleviates lower back pain and pelvic area aches and soreness. Allows for hours of sitting without experiencing any pain, aches, fatigue or soreness.
ZERO CONTACT CENTER AREA – Features a cut-away space at the center for conditions that require zero contact at the genital area. Provides relief for hemorrhoids, prostatitis, post delivery recovery for mothers and other perineal and pelvic floor disorders.
PROMOTES HEALTHY BACK POSTURE – Features an elevated back section to promote a healthy sitting posture and allows the tailbone and spine to be balanced for weight distribution.
COMFORTABLE & NON-SLIPPING – Made with soft and breathable fabric to help stay cool and comfortable for many hours of sitting, and features a non-slip bottom to keep cushion in place. Zippered cover is washable to ensure sanitary and long term enjoyability.
QUALITY- Guaranteed to stay firm after a long term testing. Lightweight and easy to take along during travel.