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Waboba Moon Ball (Colours Vary – One Supplied)


Comes in orange, blue, yellow and red (sent out at random)
Bright colours makes it easy to see
Lightweight, it’s incredible bouncy and reaches up to 100 feet


Waboba Moon Ball

Short of a laugh and one thing attention-grabbing to do at the same time as on vacation?

For all you moon-seekers there is not any want to climb right into a rocket! With it is speedy bouncing capacity, gravity does not exist so far as the Waboba Moon is worried. You’ll be able to depend on it is Light-weight design to win while bouncing it as top as You’ll be able to to peer the moon! With it is bright yellow backdrop and black dots, the Waboba Moon will shine audibly to all!

Is available in orange, blue, yellow and red (sent out at random)
Bright colors makes it simple to peer
Light-weight, it is improbable bouncy and reaches as much as 100 feet
Flat edges give it a number of spin and a singular popping sound while it hits the ground
Measure approximately 7 x7 x 6.5 cm in %


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