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Twirlywoos Talking Great Big Hoo Soft Toy

Based on Great BigHoo from the new CBeebies show, Twirlywoos
Press tummy to hear Great BigHoo’s signature sounds
Super soft and textured fabric



The lovable Nice BigHoo says signature sounds whilst the stomach is pressed. Produced from Tremendous comfortable and wonderfully textured cloth, Nice BigHoo makes a loveable cuddly better half and a perfect family member to move on twirly adventures with. Approx. measurement 30cm (from head to toes) Appropriate for a long time 10 months +
In accordance with Nice BigHoo from the brand new CBeebies display, Twirlywoos
Press tummy to listen to Nice BigHoo’s signature sounds
Tremendous comfortable and textured cloth
The very best cuddle better half
Approx. measurement 30cm (from head to toes)


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