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Time Tokens. Award Winning Screentime Manager – the fun and easy system to monitor, track and limit your Child’s Time on…


Innovative Reward System to help teach kids healthy screen time habits.
Recommended for boys and girls ages 5-10 years old
Educational, fun and easy to use. Child approved.



Hi there!

Are you able to in point of fact put a price on peace in your house in the case of your children’s screen time?

I couldn’t stand the constant battles and screen time insanity any further so my son Harry and I developed Time Tokens – a brilliant simple solution which we both love. Week in week out we’ve been sticking to it for over a year now with amazing results. After we realised how powerful it used to be, we knew we couldn’t keep it to ourselves any further.

So how does it work? Simple. Every week you give your child a screen time allowance of Time Tokens which they keep of their wallet with their timer (they LOVE the sense of responsibility). When they wish to use a screen or device they trade in tokens to and start their timer. When the timer goes off their session is over. When their allowance is used up no more screen time till the following weekly allowance. Easy!

You’ll easily introduce your individual house rules like earning extra tokens for doing homework, good manners, helping around the home, being kind and so on. Time Tokens are extremely adaptable so You’ll easily cause them to fit right into your routine – as a busy mum i know the way hard it’s to keep to the most straightforward of reward systems but with Time Tokens, the system runs itself, all it’s important to do is hand over the allowance of Tokens at the designated day – we recommend a Friday – do not be disturbed you will not fail to remember your child will remind you!

The beautifully designed Tokens are durable, fun and colourful and the ‘Frazzles’ featured on Every token suggest other exciting activities away from the screen.

Time tokens make for a more balanced child, more relaxed parents and a happier home! Consider never having to hear “Just 5 for minutes p-l-e-a-s-e” again!

Have fun.

Amanda & Harry x
Innovative Reward System to lend a hand teach kids healthy screen time habits.
Beneficial for girls and boys ages 5-10 years old
Educational, fun and easy to make use of. Child approved.
Beneficial and loved by leading Health & Educational Experts. Described as ‘Life-Changingly Perfect’ by Parents.
Pack includes: Orange Digital LCD Magnetic Timer (with battery), Smart Orange Wallet (25 cm x 15 cm) with two Internal pockets and velcro closure, Screentime Advisory Guidelines,19 TimeTokens cards, Golden Ticket, Promise Contract and Instructions and personalised introduction email from The Frazzles


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