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Marvel Avengers: Infinity War Nerf Captain America Assembler Gear


Different blaster combinations
Captain America-inspired design
Connect pieces to build & blast



Collect, Mix and customize with the Captain The united states Assembler Gear set. Captain The united states is the First Avenger. He is famous for his dedication to justice and naturally his iconic Protect. Impressed by the Avengers: Infinity War movie, this set brings his Protect right onto your wrist as you search for victory against the baddies. In addition to a Protect there are two connectors included within the percent. Build and blast then again you wish to have, and mix the portions with others from the Assembler Gear assortment for over 100 Other chances. Glance out for the Iron Man and Hulk sets, and hearth your darts from your personal distinctive blaster. Ideal for avenging assemblers aged 5 and up. Comprises: Protect 2 connectors 3 darts Directions
Other blaster combos
Captain The united states-Impressed design
Connect items to construct & blast
Launch included Nerf darts into action
Mix with different Assembler Gear set for over 100 combos (each and every set sold one by one)


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