Teletubbies 05976 pull & play giant Noo Noo toy

The Noo-noo is a giant pull along electronic activity centre with features! It has the 6 piece shape sorter, 3D Teletubbies character jigsaw and storage compartment. You can also enjoy custard slurping sounds from this cool toy as it gets magnetic juice from those spilled splats of sweet goodness on any kitchen countertop — just let ’em all hang out while you’re getting things done around here!”


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Pull & Play Noo-noo is a huge digital job centre, choked with options comparable to form sorters and jigsaws, in addition to Teletubbies sound results and song! Noo-noo may even select up Tubby Custard splats!

Suitable for a while 18 months +
Large pull alongside digital job centre, choked with options!
Includes a 6-piece form sorter, three-D Teletubbies persona jigsaw, and garage compartment
Noo-noo hoovers up magnetic custard splats, and makes custard slurping sound results
Buttons for Teletubbies speech and sound results
For a while 18 months and over. Calls for 2 x AAA Batteries.

Your little one will be the talk of their after school, daycare or kindergarten with this giant pull-along electronic activity centre! The 6 piece shape sorter includes 3D Teletubbies character jigsaw. And when they’re not having fun playing in it all by themselves – you can fill your pockets up with magnetic custard splats for some delicious vanilla sauce to slop onto those cold waffles that sure make breakfast taste better than ever before (you knew there was a reason these were called “waffle makers”). But if I was being honest here… That would be missing out on why we came home at night.

It’s interactive! Teach your child the basics of numbers and letters with this 6-piece shape sorter. With 3D Teletubbies character jigsaw, they can play games like “Find The Difference”. They’ll also have sound effects made by Noo-noo when you press his buttons which make him say different things depending on what message is triggered (e.g., ‘Custard Tummies!’). For ages 18 months+ it requires 2x AAA batteries that are not included in the package but easily found at any store or online seller such as amazon etc.).

These mesmerizing playsets will have your child entertained for hours! The Giant pull along activity centre features a 6-piece shape sorter, 3D Teletubbies character jigsaw and storage compartment. Noo-noo hoovers up magnetic custard splats making the perfect sound effects while making custard slurping noise with buttons that make a speech by these friendly little green people come alive on their own too.

Using the Pull & Play Giant Noo-Noo, you can have hours of Teletubbies fun! This giant electronic activity centre is packed with features. It has a 6 piece shape sorter and 3D character jigsaw that make sounds like on TV (just not as loudly). Noot even picks up magnetic custard splats to provide a more realistic play experience for your little one; they’ll be able to turn it into their favourite vehicle anytime anywhere by pressing two buttons top which controls speech options or sound effects – whatever they want at any time really!.

Noo-noo will be the hit with young toddlers. Suitable for ages 18 months and over, it makes an ideal toddler toy that teaches cause & effect as well as hand-eye coordination skills while promoting spatial awareness!

Noo-noo is a fun toy for your child to play with. You can pull the string and watch him wobble across the floor, or have them open his mouth while he walks around in circles! The back also has lights that shine through glittery strands so they sparkle which makes it seem like NooNOO wants all of your attention too!!

The chunky and bright coloured shape sorter is great for small hands.

The Teletubbies’ 3D character jigsaw is a must-have for fans of the show.

It features all four main characters from television’s favourite Tinky Winky, Dipsy®, Laa-Laa® and Poovie®!

Noo-noo is like a surrogate baby for Tubby Custard.

The Noo-NOO will even do what you want it to if your instructions involve eating up the special slurry from their tubby stomachs!

Noo-noo will even slurp up the Tubby Custard Splat just like on the TV show.

To make your voice sound like Teletubbies, press the buttons on top for different sounds and music.

Press the buttons on top for a fun and interactive experience with Teletubbies.

When you’re finished playing with your incredible new toy, open up the side and store all of its shapes inside for safekeeping.

I’ve had a play and I’m really liking it! The Teletubbies come off the side to play with, there are buttons on top that say various phrases/music. It has an interactive aspect as well – you pull it along while eating Tubby Tustard splats from afar (and if he likes shapes then this will be perfect). Plus at half the price of anywhere else? You can’t go wrong!

A children’s toy that will keep your toddler entertained for hours on end, this chunky tuk-tok with shape sorter is half the price of everywhere else! I’ve had a play and it’s fab. Very bright, engaging & interactive – It has buttons to press which make music or phrases come out when you push them in different places along its body line; there are Teletubbies at each side who roll off their little “slides” towards any child playing below them (perfect if they need some extra company!), plus an opening underneath where more goodies can be found inside: A fab bright chunky tuk-tok with a shape sorter for your child to play with. Open up the side and store all of its shapes inside for safekeeping, this would be ideal to take travelling too due to the way it stores away compactly making it easier to transport around if needed.

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