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Interplay UK TS011 Interplay Stunt Buggy, Mixed


Printed Panels
Axels, Pulleys
Electric Motor, Motor Mount



With this kit you’ll be able to build a really perfect-cool and rapid little electric buggy that performs amazing stunt wheelies! Simple to construct and not using a glue or mess – simply are compatible in combination the interlocking Revealed thick card items, add the electrical and mechanical parts, then have a laugh taking part in along with your Buggy and stay as a desk trophy. Either construct in order that the published sections are at the outdoor, or build your Buggy inside of-out and paint or decorate on your own design! A super and affordable gift for boys (and tomboys) aged 8 to 108! The Stunt Buggy is one product from the extensive vary of Technokits – exciting technology projects designed to stimulate a realistic wisdom of technology even as having a laugh. Accommodates: Revealed panels, Axles, Pulleys, Pulley insert, Electric motor, Motor mount, Foam wheels, Drive band, Battery box, Decal sheet and Colour Directions
Revealed Panels
Axels, Pulleys
Electric Motor, Motor Mount
Battery Box, Decal Sheet
Foam Wheels, Drive Band, Colour Directions


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