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Stress Willy

£8.00 £7.50

Ultimate in fun stress relief!
Squeeze, stretch, throw, punch or choke your way to a calm state
Rubber willy shaped stress reliever



Hilarious Novelty Reward – Assured To Make You Snort. Absolute best For Rooster/Stag Events, Mystery Santa, Birthday Valentines. Do not Pressure, Squeeze! This Practical (Type Of) Willy Is Nice For Pressure Reduction – Stay It At House Or Paintings For Emergency Anger Diffusion. This Pressure Willy Can Be Squeezed, Stretched, Thrown, Punched Or Choked Till The Person Is Sufficiently Calmed. W: 6.5cm H: 9cm D: 5cm Grownup Novelty Merchandise – No longer For Youngsters.
Final in a laugh Pressure Reduction!
Squeeze, stretch, throw, punch or choke your approach to a peaceful state
Rubber willy formed Pressure reliever


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