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Snakes and Bladdered Drinking Game

Play the ever-popular drinking game, “snakes and ladders” with a twist! This new version includes shots for added entertainment. The rules are simple: drink as you go on your journey across this fun board to win prizes at every turn so long as your drinks keep coming back up from downing them in one gulp or two mouthfuls like me (not really but it sounds good). It doesn’t matter which side of ladder goes where because once we start moving forward no more choices can be made until someone has reached their final destination – winning without losing anything along the way?! That would just be unprecedented luck right?


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Ready to take on the new board game called Snakes and Bladdered? Play snakes and ladders with a twist – it’s called shots! In this fun drinking contest, you’ll need six shot glasses. One at each square of our boards or ladder form–it doesn’t matter which because when all are filled they just get mixed together in one big glass for their next turn 🙂 So start your engines: bottom left is the first stop…drink as much liquor from there if possible before going up any stairs (and don’t forget about those bathrooms!). When climbing back down into another section remember not to top right but rather go lower-left instead then head across again.. And be sure to drink responsibly please 😉

Play snakes and ladders the joys approach – with pictures
This a laugh consuming sport features a snakes and ladders board
Drink as you cross
Entire with six shot glasses
Please drink responsibly

Snakes and Bladdered is a great drinking game for those who enjoy being the ultimate grown-up. In this version of Snakes, you’re forced to either drink or admit your wrongdoings with another player’s truths!

The Game is an exciting, fast-paced board game that pits you against your friends. Get to the end of the track first and claim victory! As with all games involving snakes (ladders?), dice rolls there’s some luck involved but it won’t matter if they outsmart us; we’ve got them beat in raccoon coats at Stag weekend.

In this adult drinking game, you will be using six shot glasses to take turns as “counters”. All players must agree on the rules before playing. The aim of Snakes and Ladders is simple: whoever has more counters at any given time becomes king for that round! You can have up to four people playing in teams with two leaders per team who decide whose turn it is either by a unanimous vote or via Truth Or Dare where one person challenges another publicly over something they said/did not say during their turn beforehand (contains snaky substance).

You’ve never experienced anything like this. You and your friends are racing around the board, trying to be the first player who reaches its end and wins! There’s a lot of luck in Snake Race – but with skill too…

A game where players roll dice while climbing ladders or snakes; if you’re lucky enough there might just come a time when all three symbols show up at once on one die which means victory is yours for an instant!

Get the party started with this cool groom or best man gift!

The perfect present for any stag weekend, boys night out and even as an awesome place to spend your bachelor days.

There’s no better way to have a great time with your friends than by drinking games. If you’re looking for something that will get competitive and raunchy, then look no further! In this grown-up version of the classic childhood game (with plenty of laughs), Truth & Dare squares replace ladders while snakes remain – but be warned: if someone fesses up or drinks too much they’ll pay dearly in their own currency…

The Snakes and Bladdered game is much more challenging than the child’s version. In order to win, you or your nominated friend must take a single shot of alcohol! Unlike with round counters in other games where scores can vary from 1-10 points depending on which side was touched first by an opposing player when it got past their ring fingers onto digital pads that would then signal if one had won/lost–here, there aren’t any such scoring mechanisms so every turn counts as another bite at this tasty treat…yum yum!!

The rules are simple: Every person sits around individually facing outward passing over different items until someone draws either

There seriously isn’t anything like an epic night out on occasion–especially when all involving alcohol consumption can lead straight into one heckuva good party;) So why not make it extra special? Why do all stag parties in Manchester, London or any other party destination end up the same…?

This game is different – instead of players racing around a track (like with most board games) here they will race to be the first “ladder” player who finishes climbing them all. Is it easy? No way! Ladders are made to make their climb seem impossible; if you’re unlucky you might even have to go back down some ladders because of rolls involving dice. You should also take care when climbing down from ladders so as not to slip and fall… But don’t worry. If there’s one thing this drinking competition has no shortage of it’s fun – whether it’s playing Truth & Dare on your phone or just trying to outdo your friends–you’ll never be bored with Snake Race! It’s also a great one to play as you roll into the weekend.

The ultimate stag party game (not that we’re biased or anything…). But we’ve got evidence: First of all, it makes for an awesome birthday gift for any guy – whether it’s 18th, 21st or 30th. No matter how old they are our boys will always love this fun and exciting board game and because there’s no limit on plays each player can take their turn whenever the mood hits them;)

No other drinking game can be played time after time without ever getting old–and no other is better than Snake Race! Period.

I was so excited to find this for my secret Santa present! It looked great and the recipient seemed pleased as well.

It’s simply snakes & bladdered!!! Snakes & ladders have players race up snakes or down them on their way to victory; snakes AND ladder snakes become snakes AND bladdered snakes along with play truth or dares on your phone – The rules are simple: Every person sits around individually facing outward passing over different items until someone draws either snakes or ladders. As with snakes and bladdered, everyone has to take it in turns to roll the dice; numbers rolled to determine the snakes & ladders you must follow; plus one extra rule about snakes & bladdered is that if you roll doubles (similar to snakes) all other players must drink double shots – but be careful…if you land on a ladder snake (or any kind of ladder, for that matter) then ask your friends the truth or dares on their phones!

The game board is really nice too – made of wood rather than plastic like most others…

I was looking for a drinking game my husband and I could play alone since our friends are no longer in town. This was perfect! We have had hours of fun with it.

This is a really exciting game. It challenges you, entertains you and brings lots of laughs to the table! I would recommend this to anyone who wants a good time or simply wants snakes & bladdered-ness brought into their lives!!

I love playing snakes &bladders with my adult students for parties at school…all get involved, all get excited when they roll snakes & ladders on phone – very addictive!!! There’s even enough dice for everyone to take turns throwing them – just like real snakes & ladders in fact!!

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