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Shopkins HPK95 Blister 12 Pack – Assorted Models


12 pack of collectable characters including 2 hidden characters.
Includes a Balcony Loft room for storage.
Collect all of the European themed characters.



Series 8 Shopkins are super cute, amusing, small characters that like to trip! over 100 other Shopkins are delivered to existence per series. These cute collectible characters will also be discovered within storage rooms which will also be stacked in combination to create your individual town Scape! Glance out for the special end ultra-rare characters! sign up for the Shopkins international holiday! the Shopkins series 8 wave 1 12 percent comprises 12 Ecu themed characters (2 of which can be hidden), 1 balcony loft for storage and a collectors information. Do not disregard to appear out for the ultra Rare and Restricted edition Shopkins. Contents: 12 Shopkins, 1 balcony loft, 1 collector’s information.
12 percent of collectable characters together with 2 hidden characters.
Features a Balcony Loft room for storage.
Collect the entire Ecu themed characters.
Glance out for the Ultra Rare and Restricted Edition Shopkins.
Comprises Collector’s leaflet.


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