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Schleich Bayala Rainbow Unicorn Mare Horse Toy Figure (70524)


Educational Toy
High Quality
Individually Hand Painted



This circle of relatives of rainbow unicorns lives on a grassy simple by way of the rainbow river. Within the gentle of the morning sun, the manes of the 3 magical creatures gleam in all of the colors of the rainbow. Like such a lot unicorns, they’re very shy. The handful of fortunate people who have noticed them record that they’re incredibly vibrant and swish. They usually tell stories of gemstones in all of the colors of the rainbow that beautify the flanks of the mystical unicorns. Many mysterious stories are told about these creatures � and no one is aware of whether or not the stories are true. However all of the stories agree that the rainbow unicorns are incredibly stunning and magical creatures.

Suitable for a while 3 years +
Instructional Toy
Top High quality
Personally Hand Painted


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