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SCHLEICH 14681 – Wild Life Hippopotamus


Individually Hand Painted
Promotes Imaginative Play
Educational Toy



Despite the fact that they’re herbivores, hippopotamuses are regarded as as Africas wildest animals on account of their aggressive nature. When they’re out of the water, hippos may be able to run as much as 50 km per hour. They’ve a power at the course of rivers and swamps by the use of the exact same walking paths every day and thus diverting the water into these furrows. Hippos spend daytime Within the water and graze Within the evening. Inside of simplest five hours, a hippo is in a position to devour more than 70 kg of food! Within the water, the males are very considering defending their territory; then again, there’s no rivalry once they’re ashore. Despite the fact that they can’t swim, hippos fight, sleep and mate Within the water. They reside in pods of roughly thirty individuals. With a length of more than five metres and weighing as much as two tons, hippos rank a few of the largest land mammals. They are able to grow moderately old Ð regularly as much as forty years. Suitable for a while 3 years + Safety Information: Warning. Now not suitable for Kids under 3 years.
For my part Hand Painted
Promotes Imaginative Play
Educational Toy
Extremely Lifelike
No Batteries Required


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