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The new Audi R8 Spyder ride-on for children aged 1 year and up is a 2 in 1 fun toy that can be driven both inside or out. The realistic styling will make you think your child has taken off with their very own car! Not only does this amazing vehicle look like the real thing but it also features many safety features such as 3 point harness belts, sculpted wheels designed to provide optimal traction on slippery surfaces (such as ice), opening doors integrated into steering control system so even mom could drive away from home safely if needed too without having any trouble operating pedals herself while driving through busy city streets… etc., etc….

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Audi push along car

Introducing the Audi Push along car by Rollplay, with adjustable footrest and for children 1 year and older.


This is a great toy to encourage your toddler to walk. The roll play push car has an adjustable footrest that can be adjusted in height so that it can grow with your child. It also has a steering wheel that turns left and right. Your little one will love the bright colours of this toy and the fact that they can drive it themselves!

The RollPlay Push Car comes with 2 coloured balls, these are attached to the back wheels of the car by elastic bands making them

Adjustable Footrest

The ROLLPLAY Push Car with Adjustable Footrest is a great gift for kids who love cars and trucks. It has two modes: push mode and ride-on mode.. In push mode, the steering wheel turns left or right when you push it forward or backwards, while in ride-on mode, the steering wheel serves as a handlebar to steer the car. The adjustable footrest allows your child to sit and play comfortably. This durable toy car can be used by children 1-year-old and older.

ROLLPLAY Push Car with Adjustable Footrest, For Children 1 Year and Older, Up to 50 lbs.

Fun-filled driving: Push car with handle for parental control, Detachable footrests, In the style of the original Audi R8 Spyder, For children aged 1 year and up – For exciting indoor and outdoor rides

2-in-1 Use:

Parental control of driving and steering with adjustable, detachable handle or independent movement with the feet and steering wheel, Attractive sound effects from a built-in speaker system. The pusher and steering wheel can be separated from the car for independent play, Bump and go action: The car moves forward and backwards after a light push or bump. The headlights turn on automatically when driving; Indicators flash, the front and rear lights illuminate sequentially, Wheels with shock absorbers increase stability


Your child will love playing with this two-in-one Audi R8 Spyder as a pusher as well as a ride-on toy. In pusher mode, the steering wheel turns left or right when you push it backwards or forward. In ride-on mode, it serves as a handlebar to steer the car.. The detachable footrests mean that your little one can sit comfortably while they play. This sturdy car hugger toy is made from a strong, high-quality plastic that can support up to 50 lbs.

Drive: Push car with the steering wheel or use as a ride-on for rough terrain play, Seat flips down for 3 different modes of play: pusher, ride-on, and parent push mode, Introduces the 2-in-1 concept of pushing and riding simultaneously – these 3 modes all in one item keep children busy and active for hours!

This roleplay car from Fisher-Price is the perfect toy to transport your little one around the home or outside on smooth surfaces. The seat easily flips down so it can be used as a pusher or a ride-on toy. This fun set includes a steering wheel that turns left and right so your little driver can get on their way.

The roleplay car is ideal for transporting around the home or outside. It’s perfect for little ones to play within the living room, outdoors or at a picnic. The set includes a steering wheel that turns left and right so children can control how fast they go and where they go., As a push toy, it has a smooth glide thanks to two big wheels at the rear and two front swivel casters. Forward motion is activated by simply pushing from behind, Seat flips down easily into different modes of play – pusher, ride-on, parent push mode, Steering Wheel Turns Left & Right to Control Ride-On Mode.


This push along audi is a great way to get your child into the driving seat. The Audi R8 Spyder has realistic features, including opening doors, an adjustable baseplate and footrest, sculpted wheels for optimal traction and a steering wheel with an integrated control system. This will be sure to keep your little driver entertained!

The ergonomic seat with a 3-point safety belt offers high comfort and safety for the little one. Your child can also drive around in style on the sturdy wheels.

For ages 1 year and older. Max. capacity 20 kg.


Foot to floor, wheels, Steering wheel turns left and right. Seat flips down easily into different modes of play – pusher, ride-on, parent push mode.

Your little one will love pushing their new friend around in this roleplay car from Fisher-Price! When the seat is flat it can be used as a pusher. As your child becomes more confident they can play at being a driver using the sculpted steering wheel to turn left and right., This adorable character comes with 3 different modes of play: pusher, ride-on and parent push mode. The adjustable baseplate and footrest allow you to decide which best suits your child’s needs while the steering wheel offers an innovative way for children(1+) to steer the car themselves.

Your child will be racing around in no time with the Rollplay push along audi Car. With a unique design, your little one can sit and play while they push their car along. The adjustable footrest lets them rest their feet on it while they drive or let it down when they want to stand up and use both hands to steer. The steering wheel is removable so your child can easily climb in and out of the car. It comes in a variety of colors so you can find one that matches your child’s personality.

The Rollplay Push Car features:

– Adjustable footrest to rest feet or stand up for additional fun, – Removable steering wheel so kids can steer themselves, – Three-position adjustable baseplate for easy entry and exit

Designed with a removable steering wheel so children can be in control of their own driving adventure. Flip down seat allows the car to become three different modes of play: ride-on, pusher or parent push mode, Seat flips down easily into different modes of play – pusher, ride-on, parent push mode.

This great push along toy is perfect for young drivers who are just starting off on their driving adventures. The colourful design will appeal to your little one while the comfortable foam grip handles to allow them to get into charge behind the wheel., The decision between 3driving modes is dependent on the child. Will they feel confident enough to drive it themselves? Do they want a bit more support from you, as they explore their surroundings? Or do most of the driving yourself & leave them with exposure at a slower speed., Simply choose the most suitable mode for your needs.

The steering wheel features an ergonomically designed soft foam grip that makes pushing and turning easy even for little hands, The three different modes make this a comfortable ride, helping toddlers to learn how to steer and gain confidence behind the wheel.

The Rollplay Push Car has been tested to very high safety standards with CE certification. The sturdy steel construction with a non-toxic paint finish ensures hours of safe playtime fun., It also features a foot-operated brake.

Driving Fun for Small Children around 1 year and older, the Audi R8 Spyder – Push Car is a great way to get your child started in life. This indoor/outdoor car has an amazing realistic design that kids will love! They can drive it themselves or have mommy push while they sit comfortably on their special seat inside of this cool vehicle which also seats up to 20kg’s (or 45 pounds). With many features like opening doors & easy retrieval when you need another trip outside make this toy one is worth getting if anything was possible at all…

The multi-functional design allows either pushing by adult hands OR steering wheels so no matter what age group enjoys playing, The Audi R8 Spyder – Push Car features an ergonomic handle that is perfect for small hands to easily grip, A removable steering wheel in the car means you can also let your child drive their own car with ease. This feature brings hours of fun and adventurous playtime to them., Your little one will have so much fun driving around in this great toy.

The push car adapts to your child’s ability – With the adjustable bar and extended footrest, adults can drive while children explore on their own. When they’re ready for more involvement in navigation, remove the steering wheel/bar combo with one hand; let go of some other nearby items like books or toys first though!

I finally got the Audi I wanted! The only downside is that it’s pink and plastic–but who cares? All parts were packaged well, instructions are straightforward for putting together. Plus there was a review saying wheels fell off so maybe someone put them on wrong or something like that…I don’t know how people would take apart their car by themselves anyways-that sounds really difficult considering everything else you have going on in your life when trying to do these types of repairs yourself at home without professional help from an experts lens (like me). There’re two buttons inside which make noises after installing 2 AAA batteries each: left one makes my vehicle honk horn while the right it makes me move in reverse. I’ve gotten many compliments in my home when I make the engine sound “vroom vroom” by pressing down on both buttons simultaneously (I don’t think this is supposed to do anything but…hey! why not try it?). Anyway, once again, I’m willing to sacrifice looks for quality especially if mommy’s vehicle gets all of the attention haha.

This car is awesome. It has two different modes where you can either let your child control everything or you can push them around like a stroller (with your feet). The car does take some assembly but the quick set-up guide will help simplify the process so it really isn’t that difficult. The bar doubles as a belt so the baby does fall out. I love the storage compartment in the back for extra goodies. The car also makes engine sounds which is pretty sweet too.

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  1. jonathan wilkinson

    I was really surprised by how much my 18-month old daughter loves this car. She crawls into it and beeps the horn until someone pushes her around in circles, which makes me laugh because she’s always been such a daredevil! The seat belt (lap belt) is comfy for her as well with plenty of leg room on tray that supports both feet when sitting down comfortably–I wasn’t expecting anything great but got way more than expected outta this purchase 😁

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  2. leanne

    I bought this at Christmas for my one year old and she absolutely loves it! Great quality, great price. It took a few nudges to get the wheel trim secured properly but now they’re in place with no problems whatsoever – what a bargain find 😉

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