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Ravensburger Puzzle – Political World Map (1000 pieces)


Piece Count: 1000
Dimensions: 70 x 50 cm
Age: from 14 years



The proudest thing we at gadgetshop HQ have ever constucted is a wind up toy from a Kinder Egg. And proud even though we were, remember the fact that a small a part of us yearned for more. So we were relatively thrilled to find this International Map Puzzle. Yep, it do not get a lot bigger than this. And massive it is – 1000 items actually. You might have come far from the 4 piece head-scratchers you used to struggle with as a child. This unhealthy boy is guaranteed to have you ever occupied for lots of a eve. And once it is done you can have a relatively changing into International map to show with pride. Constructed by the only and simplest you. A good way to spice up one’s interest in geography, which as they are saying, goes puts. Oh yes.
Piece Rely: 1000
Dimensions: 70 x 50 cm
Age: from 14 years


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