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Mr & Mrs Pocket Edition Game


Based on the hit TV show ‘All Star Mr & Mrs’
How well do you know your partner, your family and your friends?
This portable version of Mr & Mrs is ideal for long journeys, holidays and dinner parties



To find out what your partner, friends and family in point of fact suppose with this ‘go back and forth-friendly’ game In accordance with the hit TV show All Star Mr & Mrs, hosted by Phillip Schofield. With 330 new questions designed to uncover things you can also no longer find out about your nearest and dearest, Mr & Mrs Pocket Edition is highest for taking on long trips, holidays and it makes a perfect after-dinner game. The sport Comprises questions appropriate for adult couples, families or even girls and boys from the age of 10. Also included is the hilarious Paddle Spherical where players sit down or stand back to back and solution questions on every other such as ‘Who is the grumpiest?’ or ‘Who is perhaps to lose their keys.
In accordance with the hit TV show ‘All Star Mr & Mrs’
How smartly are you aware your partner, your circle of relatives and your folks?
This transportable version of Mr & Mrs is perfect for long trips, holidays and dinner parties
Comprises over 300 new questions, including the hilarious Paddle Spherical
For a long time 10 to adult


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