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Power Rangers 43596 Ninja Steel Deluxe Megazord


5 Zords form show-accurate Megazord
Morph into 2 different Megazord modes!
Compatible with 5″ figures



The strong Energy Rangers Ninja metal Megazord combines the ability of the 5 Zords to create one epic Megazord, identical to the TV display! the Megazord can Morph into a couple of modes, and any Energy Rangers five” determine can journey throughout the cockpit! the Megazord features a Megazord weapon, a determine, and the 5 Zords.
5 Zords shape display-correct Megazord
Morph into 2 other Megazord modes!
Appropriate with five” figures
Contains one piece of combat equipment, 5 zords, and a five” determine.


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