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Power Rangers 43500 Morpher Ninja Steel Deluxe Toy


Morpher & Battle Gear in one!
3 Modes: morpher, sword and claw
Unique sound effects activated with Ninja Stars



Unharness the ability of the Ninja Stars with the Energy Rangers DX Morpher! The DX Morphers have hidden guns for more than one Distinctive modes. Attach any of the Ninja Stars to the Morpher to turn on Distinctive sound results. The DX Morphers include 2 Ninja Stars. Further Ninja Stars are included in lots of pieces around the Energy Rangers Ninja Metal toy line and are cross-compatible with Ninja Metal Role Play toys (bought one by one). Accumulate all of them to liberate each characteristic and to find your Energy!
Morpher & Struggle Tools in a single!
3 Modes: morpher, sword and claw
Distinctive sound results activated with Ninja Stars
Options automated pop-up sword
Acknowledges other Ninja Stars for Distinctive sounds


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