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Play-Doh Ice Cream Castle Toy


Create swirls of Play-Doh soft-serve at the magical Ice Cream Castle
Interchangeable ice cream discs alter the shape and style of the swirls
Easy-press handle helps squeeze out the make-believe ice cream



Take a mystical commute to the Play-Doh Ice Cream Castle! It is a colourfully inventive kingdom where youngsters can go to make their wackiest ice cream dreams come true. The whimsical towers of frosty amusing create colourful Play-Doh soft-serve treats in distinctive techniques. With the 6 ice cream discs, youngsters can select other shapes to press out their swirly Play-Doh ice cream. Simply pop one into the centre tower to change up the joys! The Play-Doh soft-serve machine also features a very easy-press deal with for littler hands. When the dishes are crammed to the brim with swirly Play-Doh treats, move over to the topping stations to hide them in wacky whipped cream and crazy sprinkles. The sprinkle crank and frosting tool also are removable for freehand decorating. For much more creativity, this Play-Doh ice cream wonderland also features Confetti compound full of specs of colorful confetti!
Create swirls of Play-Doh soft-serve on the magical Ice Cream Castle
Interchangeable ice cream discs alter the form and elegance of the swirls
Simple-press deal with is helping squeeze out the make-imagine ice cream
Age 3+
Understand to Folks: Incorporates Wheat


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