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PJ Masks Gekko Turbo Blast Vehicle Toy


12 figures to collect.
Each figure is 6cm tall.
Each pack includes one highly detailed character from Disney’s hit animated series PJ Masks!



It is the final PJ Mask racing car! The PJ Mask Turbo Blast Gekko includes a swish design and deluxe accents, and is derived with one 7.5cm Gekko determine! Gekko is wearing an unique Turbo Blast outfit provided with matching racing helmet! The Turbo Blast can have compatibility one PJ Mask 7.5cm determine within. Gather all to be had Turbo Blast Racers together with: Cat-Automotive, Owl Glider and Gekko-Cellular! Each and every offered one by one! Appropriate for a long time 3 and above.
12 figures to gather.
Each and every determine is 6cm tall.
Each and every percent contains one highly detailed persona from Disney’s hit animated series PJ Mask!
Glance out for the ultra-rare determine!
Nice for play and show!


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