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Orbeez – Ultimate Soothing Spa


The ultimate soothing spa experience!
Immerse your feet in the squishy softness of Orbeez.
Soothing Treat for your feet.



Orbeez are rainy and wacky, comfortable and squishy, a laugh and cool.
The Orbeez Soothing Spa gives ladies Without equal spa revel in. Position the Orbeez within the foot bath and immerse your ft within the squishy softness. Take a seat again and calm down because the Orbeez waterfall caresses your ft.
The Orbeez final Soothing Spa takes leisure to a complete new degree of a laugh.
2000 multi-colored Orbeez incorporated.
Requires 2 x C Batteries.
Suitable for a while 5 years +
Without equal soothing spa revel in!
Immerse your ft within the squishy softness of Orbeez.
Soothing Deal with in your ft.
2,200 Orbeez incorporated.
Orbeez incorporated are multi-colored.


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