Fisher-Price Y9297 – Octonauts 8 Figure Playset – Octo-Crew Figurine Set

Sound the Octo-Alert, it’s time to embark on exciting new adventures with the Octonauts
All eight fearless members of the Octonauts crew are available in one, fun collector’s pack
Barnacles, Kwazii, Peso, Dashi


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Sound the Octo-Alert! It is time to embark on fun new adventures with the Octonauts! Now, all 8 fearless participants of the Octonauts staff are to be had in a single, a laugh collector’s per cent!

Suitable for a while 3 years +
Sound the Octo-Alert, It is time to embark on fun new adventures with the Octonauts
All 8 fearless participants of the Octonauts staff are to be had in a single, a laugh collector’s per cent
Barnacles, Kwazii, Peso, Dashi
Shellington, Tweak, Professor Inkling and Turnip
Appropriate for a while 3 +

Octonauts is a British children’s television series, produced by Silvergate Media for the BBC channel CBeebies. The show follows an exploratory team of multi-species underwater adventurers who dwell in a world beneath the waves, exploring and rescuing aquatic lifeforms. The Octonauts consists of eight characters which consist of three primary members – Captain Barnacles, Lieutenant Kwazii and Doctor Peso as well as other regular secondary characters such as Kermode ‘The Bear’, Tweak Bunny and Professor Inkling.

In the series’ storyline, an octopus named Barnacles lives with his daughter Octavia on a converted lighthouse, while a red koala named Kwazii and a grey elephant seal named Peso also live nearby in an underwater base known as “the Octopod”.

The eight main playable characters are:

Barnacles (voiced by Phillip Schofield) is the leader of the Octonauts. He was voiced by David Graham in series one, but he has been voiced by Paul Panting since series two. He is an octopus with blue eyes. Captain Barnacles wears red-and-yellow striped shorts, a belt bearing his crew emblem buckle, and boots that resemble his tentacles. He has six arms and three legs with toes on each foot. The toes on his front feet are longer than those on his hind feet; this is because he’s an octopus, not a spider.

Barnacles, like most other octopuses, lives in the sea (he has his own lighthouse near the Octopod), but possesses no water-breathing abilities. Because of this he always wears an “Octo-suit”, which looks like an oversized wetsuit with a built-in bubble helmet. The suit allows him to breathe underwater and protects his sensitive body parts from damage, so during emergencies Barnacles can remove his helmet without worrying about drowning or suffocation. He also uses it to avoid damaging his eight arms when lifting heavy objects, so that they won’t get entangled together.

Kwazii – voiced by Rob David, Barney Harwood and Jimmy Hibbert – is a koala from Down Under who wears a dark blue hat with an upturned brim. Kwazii has light brown fur and a large, round nose that resembles that of a koala bear. In the first episode, he discovers his ability to have “night vision”, which allows him to see in total darkness as if it were lit by daylight. However, this amazing gift tires him very quickly and he must sleep soon after using it or risk passing out from exhaustion. As seen in several episodes, Kwazii gets seasick easily whenever the Octopod goes into choppy waters.

In addition to night vision, Kwazii also possesses strong claws on his hands and feet because he’s a marsupial, and his excellent sense of smell might be the best in the crew. Kwazii shares a strong bond with Peso: they like to hang out together and usually don’t get along well with Barnacles and Shellington (although he does respect both of them).

Kwazii is an aquatic creature, but doesn’t possess gills or fins; therefore, he needs to wear an “Octo-suit” like Barnacles whenever he’s underwater (he only wears it when necessary outside the Octopod). He has learned how to hold his breath for several minutes at a time if absolutely needed.

According to Kwazii “they say I can sniff out adventure from miles away”. His name means “explorer” in Australian English.

Peso – voiced by David Shaw Parker – is the medical officer of the Octonauts. He is an elephant seal who wears a stethoscope around his neck, white shorts with suspenders, and brown boots with large webbed flippers on them that resemble the elephant’s feet. For some reason, Peso has a cranky temperament when he tries to tell others what to do. Although he is stubborn when it comes to following orders, Peso does not hesitate when it is time for him to help someone in need or protect anyone who needs protecting. He even takes care of all of the Octopod’s pets in addition to being in charge of taking care of sick sea creatures which means he works two jobs. When the Octonauts need to use Peso’s enormous strength, they call on him and he is always

ready and willing to help (he once single-handedly carried a stranded baby whale back into deeper waters). He has an older brother named Pedro whom he loves very much; in fact, it was Pedro who gave Peso his stethoscope. Whenever Pedro visits on land, Peso listens keenly while Pedro tells him stories about the Octopod and its crew members. By listening closely, Peso has picked up enough information about each of the other Octonauts so that he feels like he knows them.

Gill – voiced by David Menkin – is a manta ray and Barnacles’ best friend. He has brilliant night vision and also possesses the ability to emit a glowing light from his mouth (which can be used as a beacon or as a searchlight). Although he is usually quite shy, Gill is friendly and loves helping his friends whenever they need him. Unlike Barnacles and Peso, Gill doesn’t go on land very often because he wants to stay in deeper waters where there’s more of an underwater city feel than the shallower parts of the ocean. Because of this, he does not know that much about human society although he really wishes that one day he will get the chance to explore it.

Shellington – voiced by Mark Huckerby – is a sea otter who wears glasses with magnifying lenses over them. He is an ace mechanic who can fix just about anything that’s broken down. Because Shellington spends most of his time fixing many different kinds of machinery, he has developed an extremely large knowledge base. For this reason, the Octonauts sometimes call on him whenever there’s some sort of mechanical problem.

Barnacles – voiced by Danny John-Jules – is a sea slug and the ship’s engineer. His nickname comes from his habit of eating barnacles which are tiny molluscs that cling to rocks or piers underwater (he loves barnacle burgers). Barnacles tend to be overly enthusiastic, causing him to become easily distracted when it comes to doing important tasks for the Octopod. Despite his shortcomings, however, Barnacles is always willing to help in any way that he possibly can. He has a pet sea urchin which he named “Spike”.

Pilot – voiced by Stephen Mangan – is the small orange fish who pilots The Octopod. While he might not be able to get them where they need to go, Pilot never fails to get them out of trouble when danger lurks nearby. Despite his tendency towards nervousness, he remains incredibly dedicated to helping the other members of the Octonauts whenever they are in danger or distress.

Kwazii’s pet catfish (it is unknown what type of catfish Kwazii owns). When it comes time for him to explore his adventurous side, Peso bringsCal along with him and together they travel to the farthest reaches of the ocean where Peso goes on exciting new voyages while Cal keeps watching onshore. When this happens, Peso leaves all of his work aboard the Octopod behind while Cal’s job is to be a surrogate parent for all of the other pets while their owners are away.

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