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Nerf Zombie Strike FlipFury Blaster


Zombie Strike Flipfury blaster fires up to 12 darts without reloading
Two flipping dart drums hold six darts a piece
When one drum is empty, flip to the other one



Unharness a sweeping zombie-blasting defence with this hardcore Zombie Strike FlipFury blaster! The blaster’s 2 flipping drums cling 6 Zombie Strike darts apiece and allow you to stir up to 12 darts with out reloading. Load up each drums with the integrated 12 Zombie Strike darts and hit the streets to wipe out the ones lurching, excellent zombies. You’ll be able to transparent the battlefield together with your FlipFury blaster!
Zombie Strike Flipfury blaster fires as much as 12 darts with out reloading
flipping dart drums cling six darts a work
While one drum is empty, turn to the opposite one
Contains 12 zombie strike darts
Lift the blaster in its holster


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