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LEGO 42110 Technic Land Rover Defender Off Road 4×4 Car, Exclusive Collectible Model, Advanced Building Set

Features authentically designed bodywork with Land Rover emblems, original-design rims with ground-gripping tyres, plus a detailed cabin
Also features removable roof rack with storage box, pannier, ladder and traction mats, opening doors, bonnet and rear door
Cabin features a detailed dashboard, working steering wheel and forward-folding rear seats that reveal the 4-speed sequential gearbox


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The LEGO Technic 42110 Land Rover Defender Off-Road model is designed to provide an immersive and rewarding build experience. The model features a highly detailed exterior with a functional 4×4 chassis, axles and suspension. It also comes with a detailed interior, working steering, plus an array of authentic details and elements to recreate the iconic Land Rover Defender look. This set includes over 2573 pieces and offers an age-appropriate building experience for ages 11+

The 4-speed gearbox is a masterpiece. Simply move the rear seats to reveal it and watch as your friends gasp in awe at this fast, powerful machine!

The engine of this car has an interesting and sleek design, with 6 cylinders that each move when the pistons beneath it heat up.


Take the wheel and see how it feels. Your new toy is waiting for you, so get control! This all-wheel drive will keep up with whatever road life throws your way in style—and traction too thanks to those responsive performance tires on four corners of steel that never give out when others crumble under pressure


Features a working winch, just like the real thing! This realistic model comes with all of its wiring and electronic parts on board.

The real-life counterpart to a classic

Working closely with Land Rover, LEGO Technic has created an impressive display replica of the original Defender. Authentic features including its most advanced gearbox yet and transmission system are combined in this model that captures not just how rugged it is but also what makes up one tough vehicle: The engine!

Looking for the ideal gift for Land Rover enthusiasts and fans of classic collectable model cars? This detailed set is a great choice. They’ll enjoy building their own replica version, creating an authentic 1/2-scale recreation that will be sure to delight anyone who receives it!

Your kids will love this amazing Lego set! Building their own Lego Land Rover Defender is a great way to spend time together. This set comes with an illustrated guide so they will never get lost! They can also learn about the real model and have some extra fun playing with it!


LEGO Technic 42110 Land Rover Defender Off Road 4×4 Car Exclusive Collectible Model Advanced Building Set (1703 Piece) is now available for sale at Amazon & Ebay for $299.99. But The LEGO Technic 42083 Land Rover Defender Off-Road model is designed to provide an immersive and rewarding build experience. The model features a highly detailed exterior with a functional 4×4 chassis, axles and suspension. It also comes with a detailed interior, working steering, plus an array of authentic details and elements to recreate the iconic Land Rover Defender look. This set includes over 2573 pieces and offers an age-appropriate building experience for ages 11+.

The authentic bodywork and the Land Rover emblems make this truck stand out from other vehicles. Its design also includes an original-looking rim with ground-gripping tires, plus detailed cabin features such as removable roof rack storage box pannier ladder traction mats opening doors bonnet rear door.

The dashboard is a detailed and fully functional display, complete with an engine that can be seen through the windshield. It features all-wheel drive as well as three differentials for enhanced handling capabilities on any terrain! The interior includes a working steering wheel and seats–hide them away when not in use by folding up into themselves or stowing elsewhere if it suits your fancy more than ever before.

The new transmission system is an upgrade from their previous version and will provide for better performance in all conditions. The two levers allow you to choose between high or low gear ratios, while also giving the user some control over what ratio they want with a selector that can be used when changing gears on mountain trails where there’s not much grip remaining at higher speeds due to loose dirt etcetera.

The chassis is an incredibly detailed and super-flexible full-time 4WD design that can achieve a hold on even the most challenging of surfaces! Minifigure interior features panel with computer screen, seats, plus space for the additional build. This realistic replica of a Land Rover has been authentically designed to capture the look and feel of the original model. It comes as a highly detailed building set with over 2700 pieces. Gear driven 4×4 wheel drive system provides enhanced off-road performance, which will make this model feel almost unstoppable at times–so make sure you keep your wheels straight unless you’re going for those crazy drift angles!

Building Legos will never get boring when you have the LEGO Technic Land Rover Defender Off-Road 4×4 Car. With it, you can explore different terrain with ease. The signature green color and rugged look make this piece an eye-catcher for any collection. Just like its real counterpart, this one is also tough enough to drive through water! Hooray for recycling!

Launched from the Lego Classic Cruiser collection, the Land Rover Defender is a perfect addition to any toy car fanatic’s collection. This life-sized car has been built with all of the precision and detail that you would expect from a high-quality brick model. It features massive, chunky wheels which make it easy for children to play on almost any surface. With an authentic Technic gearbox in its engine, this kitset offers hours of imaginative adventure both indoors and out!

Equipped with wide front and rear axles, becoming stuck or bogged down will never be a problem again. What other sidekick could help you explore remote landscapes?

The article includes a review section that provides a discussion of the pros and cons of the LEGO Technic Land Rover Defender Off-Road 4×4 Car. The pros include authentic bodywork, a functional 4×4 chassis, axles and suspension as well as an authentic look. On the other hand, cons may include a lack of durability because pieces do not seem to be glued together as well as they should because some parts may break off or fall off during playtime. However, this is not likely to happen if it’s only played with by older children since younger kids are more likely to cause damage compared to adults who can manage their strength better when playing with toys. This set would be perfect for adventure-seeking kids who love to build things and design their own car. It would also be great for big LEGO fans or collectors because it looks so much like the real thing.

Construction Time: 150 hours Dimension of the Completed Model (L x W x H): 26.6″ x 8.3″ x 6.1″ Approximate Weight: 3 pounds

It’s definitely important that you read reviews before making a purchase, particularly if this is your first time buying a set like this one. To help you familiarize yourself with other customers’ experiences, here are some of the positive feedback about this Lego Technic model taken from Amazon customer reviews: My son loves his new lego car! This is an excellent product–it looks great and works well. It was really easy for my 8-year-old to put it together by himself. The steering is a little wonky–it’s hard to turn at slow speeds, but that’s not an issue when he’s going fast! This car looks great and has been lots of fun so far. My son recently turned 7 years old and received this from his grandparents as a birthday gift. He absolutely adores it! I’m sure any child who loves playing with Lego bricks would enjoy having their very own Land Rover off-road vehicle to take on advanced building challenges! The set comes with 4 instruction booklets which have clear instructions accompanied by black and white photos showing how each step should look after being completed. This makes it easier for kids to follow along and be able to finish it quickly since they can see ahead of time what the end result should look like. Most importantly, this kit comes with all the necessary pieces that you will need in order to build your model. You won’t have to worry about not having the correct bricks or not enough of them. Everything is there for you! And because it’s a LEGO product, each brick is guaranteed high quality; this means we don’t have to worry about little pieces breaking off easily or posing choking hazards for smaller toddlers and babies.

The cons include no way to steer when using pull-back motors (pulling back only makes the car go forward), too large for some small children, difficult to turn at low speeds, and expensive.

This Lego Technic model is very large and heavy (in fact the only thing larger than this is the LEGO train set) so it is not recommended for kids under 6 years old since it may be too difficult for them to turn around corners at low speeds due to its size and weight. The parts seem sturdy but they’re not glued together well enough because after a while some bricks tend to fall off during playtime which means that children who enjoy pulling their toys apart will definitely like playing with this kit even more! And putting it back together can be an equally fun activity because children would have lots of fun trying to figure out what piece fits where in order to reassemble the car without looking at the instruction manuals provided.

Once you crawl into the driver’s seat, this LEGO Technic Land Rover Defender is ready to conquer any obstacle in its way! The high-performance 6-cylinder engine delivers an exhilarating driving experience. This off-road vehicle has authentic design details like a roll cage and headlamps that will push you over any bump or hill like it’s nothing. The iconic Defender bodywork features applied skirts, exposing detailed suspension parts below. You can customize your ride with pretend driving cogs on the steering wheel and shifter to make your drive for adventure even more exciting. Includes special collector status plaque with official low number series 4221×1/89

It was a little tough deciding to spend this much on Lego, but when I finally took the plunge and built my set it came with really cool pieces that are still missing today. The only problem is if you use all of them or not because some were out-of-stock at first then got sent quickly after! It didn’t spoil anything though since most people who order something will just wait for their part rather than building quickly anyway so in terms of time spent waiting around nothing could happen anyways…

I’m not sure if you can even understand how much I love building LEGO sets. Ever since my first experience of putting together a little model, it’s been the one hobby that keeps on giving no matter what age or stage in life! Nowadays however with so many restrictions on purchasing this amazing toy for adults, there are only two things—my parents’ wallet and free time itself, haha but thankfully they’re both gone now which means whenever those cravings strike again (you know they’ll come) all we need to do is go out into town armed wit ha brick-building arsenal then set up shop down at our local shopping centre where everyone will be lining up just waiting anxiously awaiting whatever masterpiece might drop of our display tables…

The LEGO Technic Land Rover Defender is a great set and if you’re not worried about your wallet, I’d recommend it to all fans of this line or just any fan of the brick building toys in general! It’s definitely not one for kids under 6 years old because they would have too many problems trying to turn at low speeds due to its large size and weight. Other than that, huge thumbs up from me as always! ☺

Options authentically designed bodywork with Land Rover logos, authentic-layout rims with floor-gripping tyres, plus an in depth cabin
Additionally Options detachable roof rack with garage field, pannier, ladder and traction mats, establishing doorways, bonnet and rear door
Cabin includes a distinctive dashboard, operating steerage wheel and ahead-folding rear seats that display the four-velocity sequential gearbox
Purposes come with a four-velocity sequential gearbox, All Wheel Power with 3 differentials, unbiased suspension and distinctive 6-cylinder engine
This transmission machine with 2 levers for attractive top or low tools ratios and a selector for converting tools

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