LEGO 10848 My First Bricks Building Set

My First Bricks
Help your toddler make a helicopter, a fish, a flower or anything else they can think of
LEGO DUPLO products are specially designed to be fun and easy for little hands and include building cards to inspire early building skills

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The best way to get your baby hooked on STEM! My First Bricks is a collection of 80 LEGO DUPLO toys that encourage construction and early learning abilities.

With imaginative play, these blocks will make any child smile from their first brick-filled moment in life (or at least until they turn three).
The joys offered by this line include: helicopter models with flying propellers; fishes swimming about looking for food amongst the weeds below them.

This is the perfect starter set for your little one. It has everything they’ll need to get started, and with so many pieces it will take them forever to finish!

This is a great set for beginners because it has an easy-to-follow manual and all of the pieces you need to build your first model.

LEGO 10848 My First Bricks Building Set This toy provides hours of creative play with its bricks, including instructions on how they can be used creatively!

Preschoolers will love this fun, interactive toy. They can put the bricks in any order they want and watch them come alive on their own! It is perfect for stimulating creativity with its bright colours that kids find irresistible to touch or play with all day long

The best part? You get lots of pieces so there’s no limit as far as what kind of imaginative creations you’re capable of when given enough time together – just remember whose turn itis since sharing means extra points ūüėČ

A great way to keep your toddler’s imagination burning is with these fun and colourful LEGO DUPLO bricks! With some that can be decorated on both sides, a propeller or even building cards for the inspiration they’ll be able to create anything from planes in different shapes like boats and houses too. These specially designed blocks are safe enough for little hands so you’re definitely guaranteed endless hours of playtime fun times ahead!

LEGO DUPLO is a fantastic way to introduce LEGO to your child at a very early age because you know they make the best kind! LEGO 10848 My First Bricks Building Set

This LEGO set comes with instructions on how to build the LEGO motorcycle.

For faster production, assembly line workers will build LEGO pieces from many bricks at once.

LEGO is a popular, classic toy that will always remain interesting to children as they grow up.

The LEGO motorcycle includes a LEGO man and LEGO dog as passengers. LEGO 10848 My First Bricks Building Set

Everybody loves Lego Duplo, they’re so chunky and affordable. Delighted to find these cheaper on amazon compared to most other places!

You get a lot of them for the price which is perfect because toddlers are always creative with their creativity when given an open mind (and this will keep your little one happy). There’re faces/parts printed on some blocks as well as different colours galore!!

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