HERSITY Kids Dinosaurs Carrier Truck with 12 Pcs Animal and Dino Figures Set, Car Transport Toy, Gifts for 3 4 5 6 Years Olds Boys Toddler Girls

The transporter truck toy package is a must-have for any child who loves playing with their toys. It comes in at 41 x 14 x 9 cm which makes it small enough to fit where you want but large enough so that the pieces don’t get lost inside! The coolest part about this product? You can put other little items like cell phones or keys along side your valuable cargo as it travels across town without worrying about them getting damaged by dropping through one of those tiny gaps between floors on its way down from customs

Transporter Truck Toy Package Dimensions: 4″x5″, 35cube inch volume (about)

If you’re looking for a toy that will keep your little one entertained and busy this Christmas, then these animals are perfect! These 13PCS Dino & Animal Truck Toy makes them forget all about their troubles. With 6 dinosaurs in 1 x carrier truck; crocodile , lion , rhinoceros tiger elephant bear (and more) they have everything to satisfy any curious mind young or old alike

Each animal’s size is approximately 5.5×1 .5×2 8 cm.

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Transporter Truck Toy Package Dimensions: 41 x 14 x 9 cm. Choking hazard-small portions. To use below the direct supervision of a grownup, please.
Did you know that there are 12 compartments when the cover on each side of a truck opens up? Each animal can have their own little home. You’ll be able to find everything easily in its perfect place, except for maybe one lonely bug or two!

Educational Toy – The animal toys largely replicate the realistic shapes of wild animals and dinosaurs. Satisfy their curiosity, help children learn new vocabulary about these creatures while they are having fun!

If you’re looking for the best gifts to buy a child, then look no further! These toys are just right. For 3-year-olds these dinosaurs animal and trucks themed birthday party favours will be perfect as well as Christmas morning presents or any other occasion that comes up where kids might enjoy playing with them again in their room at home after being opened by Mommy/Daddy first on special occasions such as birthdays etc…

HERSITY, a company with the mission to create happy and healthy childhoods for every kid. They use high-quality materials that make their toys safe as well as eliminating any parent’s concerns when it comes time for playtime. HERSITY provides many different types of toy sets including Rattle Teether Toys (kids can develop creativity), Vehicle Toys(excellent hand-eye coordination skills) Kitchen gadgets or pretend doctors kits which help kids learn about fractions while entertaining themselves at home!

HERSITY Toys are a fun way to build kids’ imagination and creativity while playing with wild animal toys. The 12 different animals in the set include tigers, elephants, triceratops – you can even find rare dinosaurs like PLATypus! Kids push lightly on the vehicle’s wheels for instant transportation anywhere your child desires; promoting hand-eye coordination skills as well as developing their sense of adventure by exploring this imaginary world where anything is possible.

Imagine a world where you never have to grow up. A place where everything is bright and colourful, full of life-saving water for your thirsty plants or little animals that live in each corner waiting patiently until someone comes by so they can be fed with love–you being one such person who has been trained from birth not only how but also why this should happen! Join me as I explore all things prehistoric…

There are many benefits when children learn about dinosaurs; it helps them develop their imagination skills which encourage creativity while still promoting hand-eye coordination Because our society views these creatures through movies instead of real facts educational toy sets allow kids(and adults)to learn more about dinosaurs through play and having fun…

There are an infinite amount of dinosaur species out there; we may not be able to spot them easily, but we can learn a great deal from dinosaur fossil remains. Not only do they teach us plenty about these beasts’ behaviour, evolution, extinction, etc., but also provide us with important clues on how to survive their future coming. Both adults and kids love dinosaurs for this reason why dinosaur toys are so popular all around the world. They are strong symbols of power that have survived millions of years against almost all odds!

When you’re searching for dinosaur toy reviews it’s possible you might come across the terms ‘Archelon ischyros’ or ‘Protostega gigas’.

The best way to help your child learn about animals is by letting them use this animal toy. They are great for imaginative play and will also improve their vocabulary, language skills as well as active cognitive learning!

A variety of different creatures live in the worlds created with our children’s toys so get out there and explore while you’re at it- who knows what amazing adventure awaits?

We all know dinosaur toys are an excellent way to teach kids dinosaur facts, but did you know dinosaur toys can also improve your child’s creativity and imagination? Kids dinosaur toys will stimulate their imagination in a way that is only possible with the mystery of these reptiles

Walk like a dinosaur! Dinosaur toy with your little one and introduce them to some extinct creatures in a fun way


Hersity Toys have been designed to contribute to happy and healthy childhoods for every kid through high-quality materials,worry-free from harmful and dangerous substances (BPA Free, Phthalates Free) and great designs that inspire imagination and creativity. The dinosaur figures playset is a lovely gift for dinosaur enthusiasts of all ages. The flatbed truck design makes it safe, easy to grip and easy to load up the dinosaur toys as well as other dinosaur species such as (T-Rex, Dimetrodon, Triceratops etc).

Hersity dinosaur figures include 12 different dinosaurs in one pack which include: Brontosaurus, Stegosaurus, Pterodactylus, Velociraptor, Diplodocus brachiosaurus, Tyrannosaurus rex, Indominous Rex(Indoraptor), Giganotosaurus carolinii , Triceratops, Dimetrodon, Pachycephalosaurus, Sea dinosaur

The dinosaur figures are soft and safe for kids to play with. They are fun dinosaur toys that can be carried in the kid’s palms or by using the dinosaur transporter truck. These dinosaur action figures are made from high-quality non-toxic material suitable for young children. There are also several dinosaur species included which allows kids to build structures, create different combinations making it a great gift toy set. The dinosaur would make an amazing gift for dinosaur enthusiasts of all ages who love exploring the world of dinosaurs.

This educational toy is designed to help children learn about animals while developing their motor skills and imagination through playtime. They will develop hand-eye coordination, improve their fine motor skills and encourage creativity.

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