Heroes of Goo Jit Zu 41041 Hero Pack S2 REPTAUR The Lizard, Multicolor

Heroes of Goo Jit Zu are back to battle All new super squishy stretchy heroes now with new fillings and new weapon fists!
Reptaur the Frill Neck is super stretchy When you squish him his green oozy insides bulge out
Now with new “Water Blast Attack”! Fill Reptaur’s head with water aim and fire for some water battling action!


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The heroes of Goo are back and better than ever! This time, they’re sporting a new arsenal. All your favourite Jit Zu characters have been updated with stretchy linings that make them even more squishy-tastic for when you need to get into tight spaces or stretch out in order to reach areas on the battlefield that might be too high off ground level – like an air Reptaurs Frill Neck is one tough guy: not only does he bulge green from its insides when stretched but also has super sticky fingers so no enemy can escape without leaving some bruises behind.

With new “Water Blast Attack”! Fill Reptaur’s head with water and aim to fire for some epic action on the go. The Jit Zu heroes will be tough enough so you can play in any situation without getting messy!

Now get ready, because this is one GOOEY adventure, not one child may ever forget—with no messes at all guaranteed from the beginning until the end of game time!

As you stretch and squish your Goo Jit Zu Heroes, they will always come back to their original shape!

When Squished, his green oozy insides bulge out.

Reptaur the Frill Neck is a fascinating creature with an interesting property – he’s elastic! When you squish him for just a second (or if someone else does it), all sorts of stuff seems to happen in there and then once again everything returns back inside where we can’t see anything happening at all because its too small for us humans beings who have large hands but even so our fingers still manage reach down into those depths as far they’ll go without poking any holes through whatever might be hiding within these gelatinous foldings.

The newest addition to the Heroes of Goo family, “Water Blast Attack!” allows you and your friends’ Zu goo heroes (or jit zups) a way to unleash an impressive water blast from their mouth. Aiming requires filling up on some liquid courage before firing so make sure they’re hydrated! Just press down really hard when aiming at something close by or in front of them for optimal results – it is worth noting that this skill can only be used if all three members within range have been deployed onto separate battlefields simultaneously; otherwise known as “#teamwork.”

The reason why the Heroes of Goo Jit Zu Action Figures are like no other is that they can stretch and squish to fit any shape! You don’t need a mold for each individual figure, so your child won’t be limited by their size. These new figures also come with arms and legs that provide kids with an opportunity to play without making messes all over the place – which means more time playing instead of cleaning up after oneself or others like in older action movie scenes where people would throw things at each other until one got hurt enough so someone else could take his/her turn being thrown against something hard while yelling “I quit!”

With this immersive experience comes durability; if another character throws them around carelessly during the battle the Jit Zu heroes will always be able to come back for more no matter how many rounds it takes! While past characters like Sticky Dan (JIT ZU) and Sticky Dan (JIT ZU)…PLUS…have been known to tangle up, tussle one another around, pull on limbs until they snap off, or even mix-and-match their bits and pieces with other collectable figures – the new Jit Zu Heroes of Goo can stand up to any amount of action without fear of damage due to their fleshy skins that are tougher than usual.

The latest batch of Squishy Jit Zu Heroes Of Goo range was created with children in mind this time around. The team at GnomeChild development studios have worked round the clock to ensure that all heroes are safe for children by finding a way to make them go back into their original shape after being squished – which will prevent any unwanted surprises from occurring if someone were to sit on one of these creatures inadvertently. Other unexpected dangers included swelling up like a giant blueberry before breaking through the kitchen table or catching fire inside ovens or indoor grills but now all of those problems seem to be resolved.

this reason, we’ve printed warnings all over our website which also includes details about different ways to get rid of them; you should be able to find the answer necessary right here at BlokeToys.com in case they have any more questions or concerns – but if not please feel free to contact us at [email protected] where a real person will answer your question(s) without any automatic messages getting in the way.

Those who purchase one of these figures will also receive a downloadable reward code inside their packaging which can then be replaced by a digital copy that’ll grant each user access into the Jit Zu Heroes Of Goo Social Club Software suite where players can track down their missing members with ease!

The award-winning, multi-million dollar sensation that everyone has been talking about is finally available for your favourite squishy contraption. Collect them all and get ready to duke it out in an ultimate battle between Goo Jit Zu! There are 7 different heroes with their own unique water blasting features – you can create new adventures or reenact some of the best moments from YouTube webisodes (including “Water Blasting”).

These action heroes are like no other! Every character has a unique goo filling with a different texture and feel. You’ll have to try out the Frill Neck Reptaur today if you want your very own toy from Goo Jit Zu, though- it’s sure worth getting for any fan of these awesome toys that come alive in three dimensions as well as having an excellent selection price-wise too!

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