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Hasbro Gaming Monopoly Classic Game


Fast-dealing property trading game
Players buy, sell and trade to win
Houses and hotels



The fun of bankrupting an opponent, but it surely will pay to play great, as a result of fortunes may just change with the roll of the dice. Enjoy the usaand downs by collecting property colors sets to build houses, and even perhaps upgrading to a hotel! The more properties each and every player owns, the more hire can also be charged. Likelihood cards may well be value cash, or one may simply say Go To Prison! The Hasbro Gaming and Monopoly names and symbols, the unique design of the sport board, the four corner squares, the Mr. Monopoly name and character, in addition to each and every of the unique components of the board and enjoying items are emblems of Hasbro.
Rapid-dealing property trading game
Players buy, sell and industry to win
Houses and hotels
Change your fortune


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