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Hasbro Gaming Hasbro Bop It! Tetris Game


Bop It game challenges you to complete Tetris puzzles
Slide it, Spin it, Slam it
Choose your game: Marathon or Pass It



Bop It gets you moving! It is the game of fast action and reaction. Now, Bop It Tetris moves the thrill of Bop It to an exhilarating level with Tetris block-matching action. The shapes appear at the screen and you will have to slam them into place. Race throughout the levels and rack up the points! Keep the lighting and shapes coming fast with Bop It Tetris! Get within the game and do not stop, sliding, spinning, and slamming the shapes into place. It is Bop It, with a fab twist. The Tetris shapes challenge you to check the blocks on one screen to the open space at the other screen. As you play, move the blocks from side to side or rotate them to make a super match before time runs out. With 2 game modes, 4 levels, and Bonus and Challenge rounds, you’ll be able to have a blast playing solo or have a Bop It Tetris birthday celebration with your mates! Game unit, instructions Features: Challenging, addictive, and at all times a fresh, a laugh revel in Pass It mode is very best for a birthday celebration You never know whats coming next The sport starts off simple and gets tougher Suitable for a long time 8 years + Safety Information: Warning. No longer suitable for Children under 3 years.
Bop It game challenges you to finish Tetris puzzles
Slide it, Spin it, Slam it
Select your game: Marathon or Pass It
Practice on your own or challenge your mates
Beat the puzzles to liberate more levels


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