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Hasbro Gaming Jenga


Remove blocks without crashing the tower
54 precision crafted hard wood blocks
For one or more players



Jenga The unique wooden block stacking game of skill, nerves and very steady hands Object Of The Game Get rid of one block at a time from the tower after which stack it on best. The last player to stack a block without making the tower fall wins the sport. Gameplay The player who built the tower goes first. Play then passes to the left. On Your Turn Carefully Get rid of a block from anywhere below the easiest completed storey. Use just one hand. Then stack the block on best of the tower at right angles to the blocks slightly below it. Taking away and Stacking Blocks Get rid of and stack one block per turn. Remember that – use just one hand (You’ll switch hands every time you would like). As play continues and the burden of the tower shifts, some blocks turn out to be looser than others and are easier to take away. You’ll touch other blocks to discover a loose one — but When you move a block misplaced, you should fix it (the usage of one hand only) before touching any other block. Whilst stacking, at all times complete a 3 block storey before starting a higher one. Your turn ends 10 seconds when you stack your block — or as soon as the player on your left touches one. Keep Taking away and stacking blocks until anyone topples the tower. An actual expert can build a tower 36 storeys high or more. Winning When you’re the last player to stack a block without toppling the tower, you win! The player who makes the tower fall gets to set up the tower for the following game.
Get rid of blocks without crashing the tower
54 precision crafted hard wood blocks
For a number of players
Age 8 +


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