Get Crunk Volume 2 – The Brutal Card Drinking Game for Students, Pre Drinks, Stag & Hen Parties. You will be abused!

The brutal drinking game for horrible people. Volume 2 can be played alone or combined with Volume 1! #getcrunkgame
Easy to play – 55 cards, pick a card, read it out, do what it says!
Amazon’s ‘Drinking Game’ Best Seller! Amazon’s Choice! / “This is Brutal! Like Ring of Fire on steroids” – The Student Times


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Are you looking for a brand new drinking game then look no further than the brutal card game that is now from Get Crunk.

This is now the second edition and it promises to be more rewarding than ever. The game is sure to entertain many people young and old and although this is an adult game and you have been warned.

Get crunk drinking game

The brutal card drinking game is mostly for students.

However, if you are looking for a big night out this would also suit a pre-drink occasion. It would also suit stag do’s and hen parties.

One thing is for sure, you will be getting abuse from your friends or co-players.

This card game is really for the nasty people out there who just love to get their revenge on other people.

If you feel that you have a nasty streak in you, then you are sure to love this game. Volume 2 can be played alone or you can include volume 1 as well.

Game Rules

The game rules are relatively simple as there are no catches whatsoever.

All you have to do is pick a card, read it out loud to the rest of the players, and really the rule is: you have to do what it says! Get cranked volume 2 to is an Amazon’s choice best-selling drinking game.

It has been quoted by the students times “that this is brutal like a ring of fire on steroids” This game can also be stored for an emergency situation should your party or get-together not be gaining momentum.

break the ice

This is great to loosen up and break the ice amongst all the partygoers

One of the most important warnings is that: if you are easily offended, this is probably not the game for you.

You have to be strong and face your enemies head-on. They will tear you to shreds. They are going to abuse you, your ego, and is definitely going to destroy you.

You are probably gonna get more drunk than you ever have before as you will be seeking revenge on your fellow players too.

How many players

The game is best suited for people that are 16 years and older and the customer reviews on Amazon at this current stage of 4.6 out of 5 stars there are also 178 ratings which are more than the 50 recommended minimum to be able to give this product a good review.

Where do you buy it

This product appears in the toys and games category on Amazon and as well as the best seller rank in drinking games of about 13 at this current stage.

It was first available on 5 June 2018 and sales are going strong and it’s a product that doesn’t look like it will be going away anytime soon.

This means that hangovers will be around for a long time still to come due to this game.

There is a chance that this game will cause embarrassment to you and your family so another warning.

Same company as cards against humanity

If you are familiar with the game called cards against humanity then this is made by the same company.

They have built up their reputation to a good standard which filters down to this product and we have no doubt that we highly recommend this product because of that.

Mission of the game

Essentially they are no winners in the all that happens is good laughs, some tears, and the occasional vomiting.

As one of the users mentioned there would be a mother of all hangovers.

Volume 2 is an expansion pack to the original volume one and you get 55 cards that can be used alone or combined with the original volume 1.

But this gives you more variety.

One of the benefits of this game is to get you absolutely hammered.

Get Crunk card game examples

Sea Life

You must post a video to Facebook of you Barking and clapping like a seal, if you fail or refuse you must finish your entire drink. Another example of one of the cards is

Great Crack

You must send your mum a photo of the crack in your arm may to look like a naked ass if you refuse you must finish your entire drink.

Some of the cards are slightly weird, so it is best that you are really open-minded when it comes to some of the wording on the cards.

Of course, you can take each card out that causes any offence.

Everybody seems to enjoy it  and it gets people laughing and it’s a little change from the normal games that people play.

Of course, we are not advocating the idea of getting drunk to play a game, however, we all know that you are more relaxed with a little bit of booze involved.

Some of the users have never ever claimed to have actually finished the game mainly because they can’t remember.

Again this would not suit the family and not a great idea to play again with your teenage kids.

This is ideal to take with you anywhere you go and ideal to take on a bottomless brunch.

This would be a great card game to liven up any dinner party it is also great fun and good value for money.

You will certainly get to know a lot about your mates and something that you didn’t know before.

It has been recommended by one of the buyers that the only way to cure a hangover the next day is to carry on playing the game.


The price is good value for money and the game can last for about an hour and a half  – but it is fun-packed action. It is just like a small pack of cards so really easy to take anywhere.

Some buyers are university students and normally with a house share, this would go down exceptionally well as this would keep the students entertainment on those long study nights………

Some of the tasks as we mentioned are hilarious but they are some very dark tasks.

As we mentioned there is the chance that we have to question those ideas that are put together here, there are some sick people out there – 😀

Men and women gift

As Christmas is near this would be a really suitable gift.  However, you more than likely going to be opening your presents around the Christmas tree with the family involved. That could mean that grandpa and granny get a very brief explanation on what’s the game is about, so good luck with that.

One of the negative parts to this game is there to the feedback is that there is a wish for more cards in the pack.

  • The brutal drinking Sport for terrible folks. Quantity 2 can also be played by myself or mixed with Quantity 1! #getcrunkgame
  • Simple to play – 55 playing cards, select a card, learn it out, do what it says!
  • Amazon’s ‘Drinking Sport’ Very best Supplier! Amazon’s Selection! / “That is Brutal! Like Ring of Hearth on steroids” – The Scholar Occasions
  • Abused via Scholars, Pre-Drinkers, Area Parties, Stag & Chicken Parties. Nice to calm down / holiday the ice.
  • Caution: Banter Sport should be robust! You’re going to be abused, your ego will likely be destroyed and You’re going to get unimaginably intoxicated.

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