Get Crunk brutal card game – The brutal Drinking Card Game for Students

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The ruthless drinking game for unpleasant individuals.

Simple to play – 55 cards, pick a card, perused it out, do what it says!

Amazon’s ‘Drinking Game’ Best Seller! Amazon’s Choice! /”This is Brutal! Like Ring of Fire on steroids” – The Student Times

Mishandled by Students, Pre-Drinkers, House Parties, Stag and Hen Parties. Extraordinary to extricate up/break the ice.

Cautioning: Banter game must be solid! You will be mishandled, your sense of self will be crushed and you will get incredibly inebriated.


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The Get Crunk brutal card game is a drinking game inflicting more hangovers than £1 Wednesdays on the Scholars Union.

Brutal card game

You’re going to be abused, You’re going to embarrass and by the tip of the sport, You’re going to be crunk! (Sometimes called inebriated)

Get Crunk Cards

We have cut the bulls***t regulations, it is so simple as selecting a get crunk card, read it out and do what it says!

Banter game across the United Kingdom

Abused by Scholars, Area parties, pre-drinkers, stag & Rooster parties, and somebody with a banter game across the United Kingdom.

Get the party going

Get Crunk gets the celebration going, breaks the ice, and on positive cards even acts as a wingman.

Cards Against Humanity is a hallmark of Cards Against Humanity LLC and is totally unaffiliated with the Get Crunk game.

Get crunk drinking game is Brutal

The brutal drinking game for awful folks.

Simple to play – 55 cards, select a card, read it out, do what it says!

Like Cards Against Humanity

“Cards Against Humanity* meets Ring of Fireplace on steroids” – The Student Times

Abused by Scholars, Pre-Drinkers, Area Parties, Stag & Rooster Parties. Nice to chill out / break the ice.

Warning: Get crunk card game

Warning: Get crunk card game will have to be robust! You’re going to be abused, your ego shall be destroyed and You’re going to get unimaginably intoxicated.

The game is suitable for 20 players

This game is suitable for at least 20 players.

It is a great laugh, although some of the cards are a bit harsh it is all fun and games and at the end of the day.

It’s all about fun and shouldn’t be taken too seriously.  We hope you enjoy it.

Is the game suitable for over 20 players, it certainly is.  You can get through the game relatively quickly but you can just reshuffle and carry on playing or parrot with numbers volume 2

If you want to have many players you would probably have to get a second pack.

Is this game suitable as a family game and as one of the previous buyers has asked would thus be suitable at my grandad’s funeral?

So we would say that this is not suitable for a family so it’s best played in couples or with the older generation.  There’s a lot of “would you” questions and things that you wouldn’t be asked if you were going to meet the in-laws, so you would not be able to play this with your sister and her husband.

Is there an expansion pack.  Yes, there is a new expansion pack on its way and we will give you the reference to this.

You can play as many players as you want it’s just cards so you welcome just to pick up the cards and do what it says.

This game is essentially a drinking game.  This game you would play for pre-drinks.

It is highly recommended and a great game and really is good fun.  It consists of a pack of cards and a really fun game.

It is best-played by uni students and at the same time reveals a very dark sense of humor from the creators of the game.

One user was a little bit disappointed with the brutality of the reference to rape and sexual abuse –  which is no laughing matter she took out the card and threw that away but other than that was a relatively small issue with the game.

We hope that our input to the game has helped you make up your mind as this is a great game to take a look on Amazon for the latest prices.

The good news is that Volume 2 is out now

Who is it for

Get Crunk is the ultimate party game for any student, pre-drinker, stag or hen who wants to show off their superior card-playing skills. Each player is dealt a hand of cards. Then, each player in turn, attempts to get rid of all their cards (by scoring) in the best possible way. For every group of three consecutive cards you are dealt, you must immediately discard one card. And, when you are done discarding, you must draw replacement cards to replace those you discarded.

What is the game designed for

Get Crunk is a game designed for brutal, card-based, party drinking. It’s easy to learn, fun to play and impossible to quit. So what? Well, so what if you’re playing a game in which the rules change every round? And what if you can get blitzed before your first drink even hits your hand? What will happen then? Simply put, you’ll be forced to learn how to write insanely persuasive copy… even if you hate to write! But don’t worry, the object of the game is not to become a world-class copywriter (that would be pointless) but, to learn how to harness the power of writing to overcome the challenges of selling to an uninterested or unresponsive audience.


In a drunken haze, you and your friends play a game of “Crank” where you each write down five cards from a deck of playing cards. Then, you take a shot if you are dealt a “crunk” card (one that is the opposite of what you were hoping for). When you are “in the zone,” you take a pre-drink, remove all “crunk” cards from your deck, and play continues until you run out of cards. At this point, you have a little chat about how the game sucks and you drink another shot. Then, you deal yourself new cards and continue drinking until you reach the end of the current round. The first person to get three in a row wins.

Where can I use it

Whether you are hosting a party for students, frat boys, or your in-laws, Get Crunk will teach you the art of making the most out of every cocktail party and gathering. This is a COMPLETE game where you will learn how to play against others at the same party, how to play against an imaginary “team” of other players from across the country, and how to win at “friendly” games of “beer pong” with your friends… even if they are alcoholics!


Get Crunk is a drinking game for students, pre-drinks, stag & hen parties and anyone else who wants to have a good time without worrying about getting drunk. The rules are simple: every time someone says or does something rude or abusive, you drink.

It’s the perfect gift for the student who has everything, the pre-drinker who needs to learn to cut loose, the stag or hen who needs to remember why they got into this business in the first place… and anyone else who needs a kick in the ass.

1. Each time a student says “bullshit” or “bitch” they drink.

2. If a student mentions getting drunk they drink.

3. If a student mentions getting high they drink.

4. If a student mentions their parents they drink.

5. If a student mentions a professor they drink.

6. If a student mentions studying for an exam they drink.

7. If a student mentions procrastinating they drink.

8. If a student mentions working hard they drink.

9. If a student mentions not doing any work at all they drink.

10. If a student mentions being on Facebook or Twitter they drink.

11. If a student mentions texting they drink.

12. If a student mentions their significant other


“Get Crunk” is a drinking game created by marketing professors at the University of Maryland where the object is to take a shot every time someone says or does something rude or crude. It’s designed to get people to loosen up a little before hitting the bars (or water cooler) and having a good time. It’s also a great way to prep for a conference or other important event where stress levels are already high.


This “game” consists of getting blitzed off of various alcoholic beverages while watching the best student videos on YouTube. Each time you drink, you must immediately play one of the following cards: “Crunk”, “Lemons”, “Gatorade”, “Cherry Coke”, “Robots vs. Aliens”, “Geometry Wars”, “Tarantula”, “Blue Steel”, “Gangnam Style”, or “Charlie Bit Me”. Once you’ve played all the cards, you must write an explanation as to why you chose that video and get blitzed again.


Did you know there are more than 4,000 slang words for the number “one”? And that more than half of those words relate to some sort of action or process? For example, “get crunk” is a common slang phrase for getting really drunk. But what does it mean to get “crunk” when you are a student? Well, as the book explains, it means to get “cranked up” or “ramped up” and to “get crunk” means to start studying for a big test or exam with a sense of intense urgency. I like this book. It’s short but extremely effective. (I also like the subtitle: “The Brutal Card Drinking Game for Students, Pre Drinks, Stag & Hen Parties”. Pure genius!)


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    we personally bought this game, as we had heard so much about it. what a great buy!

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