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Spin Master Games Hatchimals EGGventure


Comes with one mystery Hatchimal figure hidden inside a Hatchimals egg plus three additional figures!
An EGGcellent game providing fun and EGGcitement for 2-4 players.
A perfect gift for any Hatchimals fan featuring 4 exclusive Hatchimals figures found only in this game.



Are you in a position for a Hatchimals EGGventure on this action-packed board game? Commute across the Laughing Tree hatching eggs and produce your Hatchimals home. The primary player to gather all his or her Hatchimals wins! Play with four unique Hatchimals figures – three figures that are already hatched and a fourth while you hatch the mystery egg. An EGGcellent time will probably be had by way of all! A perfect game for2-four avid gamers and a while five+. Please note: Hatchimal figures range by way of box.
Comes with one mystery Hatchimal determine hidden within a Hatchimals egg plus three further figures!
An EGGcellent game offering a laugh and EGGcitement for two-four avid gamers.
An excellent gift for any Hatchimals fan that includes 4 unique Hatchimals figures discovered simplest on this game.


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