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furReal Snifflin’ Sawyer


Sneezy polar bear needs loving care
Fun sniffling and sneezing sounds
Soft and cuddly



The Snifflin’ Sawyer puppy is a candy child polar endure who responds to the touch with cute sniffling, sneezing, and glad child polar-endure sounds. Girls and boys alike can experience taking good care of the sort of lovely little cub! They may be able to puppy her at the head to convenience her, feed her together with her bottle, and cuddle her together with her favorite blanket. Tickle her nostril in a downward course and she or he makes glad sounds and sneezes! Whether or not she’s feeling effective or down with a case of the sniffles, the Snifflin’ Sawyer puppy is adorably loveable and with poseable legs, she’s a huggable cub, too!
Sneezy polar endure wishes loving care
A laugh sniffling and sneezing sounds
Comfortable and cuddly
Age four+


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