Desktop Mini Henry Hoover for your desk

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Standard benefits:
– Keep your desk clean with a mini vacuum.
– Fits in any space and is battery operated.
Emotional benefits:
– Get rid of those pesky crumbs and dust that always seem to settle on the surface of your desk.
– Be able to enjoy a clear view of your work area without having to worry about cleaning it up every day.


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That massive smiley face of the famous Henry now is available in a mini version, good on your work desk! Watch the ones crumbs disappear in one foul swoop with our Henry the Vacuum.

Battery-powered so you don’t seem to be restricted by pesky cords, the desktop vacuum gives a hilarious hint to offending desks around the place of business. Henry is a real domestic icon known internationally. Together with his large smile and freakish nose, he has swept his excess of carpet and vinyl for years.

Check out him on worktops, desktops, keyboards and every other mucky small space. Merely empty him out within the commonplace means and stale you go again!

* Our Henry the Desktop Vacuum is a desktop version of the unique Henry Vacuum Cleaner!

* Powered by 2 x AA batteries (no longer included)

* Measures approx 10 cm x 6.6 cm x 6.5 cm

* Purely a novelty gift

A miniature version of the unique Henry Vacuum by Numatic
Battery operated
Sucks up mud and crumbs
Nice for home and place of business
Includes to hand crevice tool
NOTE: The object is simplest designed to suck up mud and crumbs

why you need the desktop henry hoover

Having a clean desk is important, but it can be hard to keep up with all the crumbs and dust that fall from your keyboard.

It’s time for Henry Hoover to step in! This mini vacuum cleaner is just as cute as its full-sized counterpart but small enough to fit on any desk or workstation. With this little guy, you won’t have to worry about dirt piling up around your computer. The crevice tool will help you get into those tight spaces and the super bendy hose will reach even further than before. Plus, no matter how many times you accidentally knock over your cup of coffee there won’t be a mess left behind because Henry Hoover has got everything under control!

The desktop henry hoover comes with wheels so it’s easy to move around and clean every inch of your workspace – not just the top like other desktop vacuums. You’ll never again need two free hands to hold the vacuum – this bad boy has its own handle so you can focus on dusting. But don’t worry, Henry is smart enough to turn himself off when he’s not in use.

This little guy may be small but he’ll leave your workspace clean and shiny! If you have an extra minute or two just leave Henry Hoover to do his job while you check your Facebook page again. Trust us, it’ll feel like no time before he’s done cleaning!

Henry Hoover will keep your desk clean at all times so you’ll always have a nice space to work. You’ll definitely want to take him home after work by ordering yours today!

Upgrade your workplace with Henry Hoover today!

The MINI HENRY is the perfect desk vacuum for those who like to keep things tidy. It comes with two heads: one regular and one crevice tool, so you can be sure there won’t be any crumbs left behind!

There are also wheels on this little guy as well- which means no more backaches from dragging yourself around at work…

The Mini Henry has everything an office worker needs in their quest for neatness—and then some. With its miniaturized size (which allows it into tight places) combined with all these other great features I’m guaranteed cleaner floors than ever before; not only do they stay clean longer but my employees are happy too because less spare time is needed cleaning makes them more productive!”

Henry Hoover is the perfect mini vac for your desk! It’s small, lightweight and easy to store. Henry hoover has a special sweeper head that picks up dust, as well as crumbs from underneath and across its path – not just in front of it like most other cleaners on today’s market, do (which could end up pushing dirt around rather than sucking it upward).

You’ll never have to worry about cleaning or maintenance again once you start using this little guy; he will continue doing his job every single day without fail because he only uses 3xAA batteries which are included with each purchase so there isn’t anything else needed besides some power sources lying around at home already waiting…

This little hoover is the perfect solution for those of us that love watching TV but don’t want to deal with all of that dirty, dusty stuff. It has great suction and even collects more than you would expect on your screen! But one thing worth noting about this product–just like any other battery-operated device-is that it will die out after a while if not used often enough or recharged every few days; luckily there’s an easy fix though because just give yourself 20 minutes each day and some old rags (they’re already clean) by taking care both filters inside where dust can hide during cleaning time.

Henry is a household name and his fame has spread across international borders. The battery-powered vacuum in the form of mini Henry can be found on your desk, giving off that iconic gigantic smile with an abominable nose to sweep away any crumbs from pesky coworkers who may enter into restricted territory without cords!

Henry may be known internationally, but his fame extends far beyond the borders of America. The battery-powered desktop vacuums are a hilarious hint to offending desks around your place of business!

This Henry is smaller than you would have imagined – good for those pesky workspaces with limited space on their own shelves or under piles upon heaps (no pun intended) tabletops that don’t want any more equipment taking up precious inches when all they need it’s some cleaning supplies and an old sock used by kids as gloves at school during wintertime activities such coloring pictures while waiting outside in line before being allowed int…

The Mini Henry is a classically designed vacuum – so much so that it’s probably controlled by an evil genius! In other words, this thing looked at me with its funny nose and I was powerless to resist the temptation of taking a picture that would shock my friends later on after they see their screens full of irremovable dirt. Watch out for this one, everyone-it wants everything in your home that can be swept up! It will get you too if you don’t watch out…

I love this little guy because he doesn’t make any noise when he sucks up the dust from the screen, getting rid of all those little irritating particles that bother me while I’m watching TV or working on my laptop.

This adorable little guy will make any cleaning session more enjoyable! He’s a battery-operated vacuum, so you can take him anywhere. And his crevice tool is perfect for those hard-to-reach places where only an arm would fit – like under your bed or behind furniture legs (just sayin’). Plus he sucks up mucky mud with ease…

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    What a fantastic little gift for the right price

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