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Addition Snap Card Game


Help children grasp early addition skills with this fun game.
Using numbers up to 10, children will be trying to snap cards with matching answers, for example 6 + 2 with 4 + 4.
Fun and Learning



My first addition Snap This unique deck permits you to play two circle of relatives favourites with the little ones, Snaps and Pairs, The usage of early- years addition to Assist fortify fundamental maths skills in young minds. As an example, when playing Snap with this incredible deck of cards The purpose is to snap cards with matching math equation. As an example, you possibly can shout ‘Snap!’ if the next cards were shown: 6+2 and four+4 To play Pairs, simply turn the entire cards the wrong way up and switch over to peer if they match. If they do match then the cards are kept, if now not you turn them back face down. The purpose is collect all the cards. Either one of these Amusing games Assist youngsters develop basic addition. All of our Snap and Pairs games are made in the United Kingdom, The usage of FSC paper and card responsibly sourced for greener games. Helping youngsters gain a head get started in class in a challenging subject. My first addition Snap is the smarter method to play Snaps & Pairs!
Assist youngsters take hold of early addition skills with this Amusing game.
The usage of numbers as much as 10, youngsters will probably be looking to snap cards with matching answers, As an example 6 + 2 with 4 + 4.
Amusing and Learning
Supports school learning
Simple to be informed and play


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