TheComfortZone Orthopedic Memory Foam Pillow. With Extra Stable Neck Support Quality Sleep. Firm Relief of Neck and Back Pain. Hypoallergenic. Cooling Tencel Fibers. For Front, Back and Side Sleepers

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(as of Feb 12,2020 14:58:02 UTC – Details)

You want a high quality sleep to boost your energy in the morning!
After all, a bad night sleep can bring you serious problems. It is the primary reason for morning headaches, mood swings, low energy and low efficiency.

The solution to all of this is to get a consistent, good night sleep, and we know how to set it up for you. A single small change can have a big impact on your life.

Discover the easy way to enjoy your beauty sleep.
Introducing premium curved neck support, that takes discomfort and pain away from you.

Comfort is our top priority. No more restlessness. Relax and sleep faster.
The special arm-rest greatly reduces tossing and turning. Adjustable to any sleeping position this pillow is a perfect fit for you.

Sleep in the most natural position for you.
FULLY RELAX AND REST. The anatomic form aligns your posture eliminating discomfort. No more sore muscles, no more bad sleep.
ENJOY MAXIMUM STABLE SUPPORT. The slow-rebound thick memory foam conforms to the unique shape of your body while distributing weight evenly.
PREVENT HEADACHES. It keeps your airways clear and open. You will breathe easier and wake up refreshed with no migraine, helps apnea sufferers. Anti-snoring. Your partner will enjoy a silent sleep.

Keeps you cool and dry at night, feels really soft on your delicate skin.
We offer a luxurious Eco Friendly and anti-allergy Tencel cover for the softest touch. With its high absorption capacity and a cooling effect, you will drift to sleep without a second thought.

100% Relaxation & Comfort or your money-Back, our unconditional Guarantee.

Looking for a thoughtful GIFT Idea?
We all have that friend or family member who cannot get a good night sleep. Now you can spoil your loved ones with TheComfortZone pillow.

If you are looking to get consistent great sleep then “click add to basket” before we run out of stock…. Again[SUPERIOR NECK SUPPORT] While other memory foam pillows are too hard, too soft or simply don’t offer much support. TheComfortZone has a special cervical contour that gives excellent, firm support. This means relief for your neck and back pains, a deeper and a better sleep. So, that you bounce from your bed in the morning ready to take charge of your day.
[ALL POSITION SLEEPERS] No more restlessness in your bed. TheComfortZone has an ergonomic design. It reduces tossing and turning, promoting a sounder sleep in any position. Whether you are a back, a front or a side sleeper, the special armrest helps you avoid shoulder slouching. Imagine falling asleep like a baby and waking up rejuvenated and ready to fully enjoy your day.
[NATURAL SPINAL ALIGNMENT] Say goodbye to feeling tired and irritable in the mornings. TheComfortZone pillow is made of slow-rebound memory foam. It holds the contour of your head and neck, distributing weight evenly and eliminating pressue points, it feels super comfy. This allows for easier breathing so that you wake up with no migraine. Also, it has an anti-snore effect. Unlike traditional feather or synthetic latex pillows this one will never go flat. The size is 61x34x12 cm.
[COOL, SOFT & DRY] You won’t wake up during the night because of sweats anymore. The pillowcase is made from hypoallergenic wrinkle-resistant Tencel fibers. With its high absorption capacity and a cooling effect you will easily fall asleep. It feels incredibly soft and fluffy on your delicate skin. The bamboo inner cover is anti-bacterial.
WE BELIEVE in making everyday life easier and more productive. Our mission is to create products that empower you to get the best night sleep. We want to make you feel like a king or queen sleeping on a large cloud, creating the foundation for a great day. Because we spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping, investing in a proper sleep is not a luxury, but a necessity.