Set of 2 Magic Twisty Wiggly Worms Toy Fuzzy Stress Relief Fidget Fiddle Toys – Autism, Special Needs, ASD, SEN, ADHD, SPD Stocking Filler, Party Favour Toys – Pull Hidden String and Watch it Slither

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Gently pulling on a fine thread makes the wriggler appear to move by magic. An almost invisible thread enables the operator to make the creature seem alive. They make perfect party bag fillers that are sure to attract party planners looking for great value gifts. This cute fluffy pet has a clear line for you to pull him through your fingers, across your desk and out of your pocket. Worms look almost alive as you curl them around your hand. Worms don’t need feeding or cleaning. This super cute Magic Wriggly Worm has been a favourite toy for generations. It’s a cute magic worm for children and adults With an invisible thread to manipulate the magic worm Surprising the audience that this worm little magic moves and crawls around your hands It can even dance in a drinking glass and twirled around a pencil Worm length: approx. 22 cm / 8.7 inches / / length of cord: approx. 31 cm / 12 inches Colour: random colours Set includes two worms individually packed in retail packaging. Ideal for gifts and stocking fillers!❤ MAGIC WORMS – With an invisible string to manipulate the magic worm. Amazes your audience as this little magic worm moves and crawls around your hands. Can dance in a drinking glass and twirl around a pencil.
❤ STRESS RELIEF – Pull hidden invisible string and watch it slither!
❤ WIGGLY WORMS – The 2 eyes make it look vivid. Cute magic worm for kids and adults.
❤ FIDGET FIDDLE TOYS – Soft and fuzzy magic twisty worms!
❤ STOCKING FILLER – Worm Length: Approx. 22 cm / 8.7 inch. String Length: Approx. 31 cm / 12 inch.