Large Eco Friendly Dish Washing Sponges | Natural Loofah | Zero Waste | Plastic Free | 100% Biodegradable | Agile Home and Garden (Pack of 3)

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♻️ Eco Friendly

Our eco sponges are made responsibly from the natural Loofah plant. The sponges and their packaging contain no plastic, are naturally sourced and are 100% biodegradable. Help reduce your home’s waste and micro plastics by making eco conscious choices. This product is suitable for vegans.

👍 How to use:

Though they may appear course, rough and thin at first, the Loofah sponge expands when soaked in water, becoming softer and more supple.

Each Loofah Sponge should last between 4 and 6 weeks. Ensure each Loofah is completely dry between uses – this will extend the lifespan of your sponge.

In households with high dish washing demands, we recommend using 2 or more Loofah sponges on a rotation, ensuring they get adequately dry between uses.

🌳 The Humble Loofah

The Loofah plant (sometimes spelt Luffa) is a vine and member of the cucumber family. The fruit of the Loofah plant looks similar to conventional cucumbers and is edible if harvested early. Loofah fruit is widely consumed throughout Asia.

If the fruit is allowed to mature and dry on the vine, the flesh disappears leaving only the fibrous skeleton. This porous skeleton has excellent application as a bathing or cleaning sponge, for which it has been used for centuries.

Loofah sponges are 100% natural, 100% biodegradable and are an excellent, eco-friendly alternative to plastic based cleaning utensils.- 🌳 ZERO PLASTIC, 100% BIODEGRADABLE – Both the sponges and the packaging contain absolutely no plastic and are completely biodegradable. This makes our eco sponge a great asset to any zero waste home; the perfect plastic free sponge.
– ♻️ ECO FRIENDLY NATURAL SPONGE – Our eco washing up sponge is made naturally using the Loofah plant which are sourced and grown responsibly. Loofah sponges have used as natural sponges for centuries.
– 👍 LONG LIFE AND EASY TO USE – Each washing up loofah sponge should last 4-6 weeks, depending on use. Ensure sponges are thoroughly dry between uses to extend lifespan.
– 🌱 SAFE AND CLEAN – Loofah sponges make excellent cleaning sponges with a wide range of applications. Our loofah kitchen sponge can be used to clean dishes, pots, pans and kitchen surfaces with confidence.
– 📏 LARGER DESIGN, 11cm by 8cm! – Our loofah dish sponge is larger than other eco cleaning products brands. This makes them a similar size to traditional kitchen sponges. Keep an eye out for other Eco friendly cleaning products from Agile Home and Garden.