Junior Stability ADHD Wobble Cushion – Inflatable Sensory Cushion to Encourage Active Sitting, Stop Fidgeting & Improve Posture – for Use at Home and School – 30cm (Black)

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What is the PhysioRoom Air Stability Wobble Cushion?Our Air Stability Wobble Cushion is a versatile and fun piece of kit that helps to improve flexibility, coordination and balance for young kids during key development stages. It can be used to aid core stability and promote good posture for children who find it difficult to sit still. This makes it ideal for youngsters diagnosed with ADHD or those who have high energy levels and find sitting in one place more challenging than others. The cushion encourages ‘active sitting’ which allows the child to remain active even while sitting down. This is thanks to the adaptability of the cushion to support movement in a seated position, helping the young person to release their energy while still being able to engage with activities while seated. The wobble cushion requires the user to actively use their supporting muscles to remain stable improving foot, knee, ankle and hip stability, which is great for use in injury rehabilitation, muscle strengthening and joint stabilisation.When can I use it?You can use the Air Stability Wobble Cushion either at home, the gym or in schools any time you need. As it is only 30cm in diameter is doesn’t take up much room and can be used on any type of chair to help. The compact size also means it is light to carry and will hardly take up any room at all when it comes to storage. And it can also hold a maximum weight of up to 200kg/32 stone.How does it work?The cushion features an anti-slip surface on one side, with the reverse side featuring tiny bumps that will help to stimulate a child’s sensory receptors while sitting down for long periods. Because of the design of the cushion, the child has to use their supporting muscles to remain stable, which in turn improves core stability and encourages them to use good posture.Helps central stability and promotes good posture for children who have difficulty standing still, encourages “active sitting”
Strengthen the user to actively work the support muscles to stay stable, which is great for use in injury rehabilitation
Features bumps that help stimulate baby’s sensory receptors while sitting for long periods
The compact size (diameter 30 cm) makes it easy to transport the shock absorber at home, school or at the gym
Can be used every time you sit to straighten your back, avoid bending and reduce back pain.