Home Dehumidifier & Air Purifier, Portable, Auto-Off Function, Collects 1.3L per Week, Tank: 800ML/Day, Removes Condensation, Damp, Moisture, Humidity and Purifies Air, Ideal for Homes, Offices, etc.

Price: £39.99
(as of Feb 15,2020 21:26:54 UTC – Details)

Benefits: Helps to naturalise airborne viruses and bacteria by releasing negative ions. Filters dust and pollen particles to reduce effects of allergies. Reduces side effects of pollutants such as dog, cat, smoke etc thus increase quality of air. Neutralises stale smells caused by lack of ventilation.
Overall it helps to dry the air in our homes, which in turn helps to reduce mould, mildew and dust mites Added Benefit: if you’re drying clothes indoors a dehumidifier will speed the process.
Usage: It is easy and simple to use and operate. Just plug it in, turn on and let it run continuous 24-hour cycle until the water tank is full. This Dehumidifier operates in a low noise of ≤45dB(A) which is very quiet. This can be used anywhere at home, basements, caravans (power plug needed), offices, bathrooms, warehouses wardrobes, garages etc. It is compact, easy to move and practical.
AUTO SHUT-OFF FUNCTION: This dehumidifier will automatically shuts itself off when the tank is full. To signal the user, the LED indicator button turns Red from Blue. Which can then be emptied and reused. It makes the dehumidifier convenient for closest, drying rooms, Mud rooms, bedrooms, showers, and other places as well.
Product Size: 28(h)X18(w)X13(d),