Home Brewing Starter Kit – Lager – Brew Beer in just 1 Week

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Brewbarrel Home Brewing Kit – Lager

The Brewbarrel Home Brewing Kit is the fastest and easiest way to brew your own beer at home. It is an exceptional gift for any occasion. It contains an 8.8 pints (5 litre) keg and all necessary ingredients to brew your own beer with it. Due to an innovative brewing process, specifically developed for home brewing, you can tap your beer after just one week.

Brewbarrel is different from other home brewing starter kits because: The brewing process is specifically developed for small scale brewing and therefore takes only one week. There is no cleaning effort needed to prepare the brewing process and therefore it takes only 10 minutes. The beer can be directly tapped from the keg and thus, does not need to be filled into bottles.

To start the brewing process just pour the malt extract into the keg. The malt extract you will receive is already processed and ready for use having been produced from shredded barley. We have prepared the malt extract in this way so that it is best suited to the purpose of home brewing. After this step, add the yeast and hops to the beer wort. During the fermentation process the yeast converts the sugars contained in the malt extract. At this stage your preparations are finished and one week later you can tap your and enjoy your beer directly from the key. All necessary steps are illustrated and described in the Brewbarrel instructions which you will receive with all of the necessities you need to start homebrewing.It really is that simple!

The Brewbarrel home brewing kit contains: 1 empty keg as fermentation tank (5 l), 1 bottle BARLEY malt extract 650 g e, 1 bottle natural flavouring 9 ml e, 1 sachet of dry beer yeast, 1 instruction manual, 1 pressure control valve, 3 coasters

Are you looking for the perfect gift and a simplified way to enter the world of homebrewing? The Brewbarrel home brewing kit is the fastest and easiest way to brew your own beer at home. The kit is also the perfect gift for all men, home brewers and beer connoisseurs.
Brewbarrel Lager: The Lager is a mild beer with a malty body. It is very lively and refreshing and has a lovely hoppy note without being to bitter Lager beer is one of the classical beer styles. It has a light golden color and mild malty body with some sweetness. With its high drinkability it’s a real all-rounder and suits to every occasion. It has a strong head and fascinates the nose with a harmony of malt and hops.
This home brewing kit is the perfect gift the secret Masterbrewer in every man, those who love drinking beer or anyone who has always wanted to brew their own. Of course, you are also able to surprise women with this exceptional gift idea. It simply is a gift for everyone and the perfect starting point into the world of homebrewing, this is because the Brewbarrel is the all-round carefree package for new homebrewers.
Everything is included! You won’t need equipment, bottles or even prior knowledge of home brewing to enjoy the Brewbarrel home brewing experience! Everyone can brew beer with the easy, illustrated step-by-step manual. Preparation for your brewing kit will only take ten minutes, no cleaning or fuss needed. Enjoy your home-brewed beer fresh from the integrated tap after just one week.
Developed by Germany’s number 1 home brewing supplier, who with a wealth of experience in home brewing ensure that only the best ingredients are included in each Brewbarrel home brewing kit.