Fidgetbum Sleeping Aid for Single Bed Four Way Stretch Cotton Fabric for Kids with Stress, Sensory & Sleep issues | Zip-Up Overblanket for Relaxation & Enhanced Sleep | 210cm x 100cm

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Is your child’s sleeping behaviour keeping you awake?

Kids are always full of energy. It is almost impossible to get them to bed. When they do fall asleep, there’s no guarantee they’ll stay soundly asleep. Many kids wake during the night. While those who stay asleep can be wriggly in bed, kicking their blankets off and eventually waking up cold.

These are all common during a child’s growing up years. And as a parent, it’s your duty to ensure your children would get proper sleep to help with their development. Forget about medicines, therapies, or special sleeping aids. When it comes to better sleep, there is only one name you can trust: Fidgetbum.

Give your child the gift of a cosy sleep with Fidgetbum!

Fidgetbum is made from a luxury stretch fabric with one end that zips with the other. It is designed to go under the bed while the ends go around over the bed where it is zipped up to keep the child snug. It is effective in preventing blankets or duvets from getting strewn off the bed, thus keeping your child warm and covered all night. Fidgetbum is ideal for children who need to be reassured and calmed through the night. The zipped up cover makes them feel hugged while still providing enough freedom for them to move and stretch out.

Parents of children with autism have long been searching for something to help their children sleep normally. Fidgetbum has been highly recommended by Occupational Therapists in the UK as an effective instrument in making sleep patterns less erratic. Special needs children now wake up happier and well-rested. Whilst the fidgetbum is designed to keep the child covered, if they are awake and want to climb out of bed, then they can easily push fidgetbum aside and get out.

😴 It is lightweight and easy to travel with.
😴 The material is machine washable.
😴 It can be hidden discreetly under the duvet when not in use.KEEP YOUR CHILD SNUG & COSY – The fidgetbum helps your child sleep better and longer each night. When the stretchy fabric is all zipped up, it applies a gentle pressure that calms and reassures your child in bed — just like a nice, warm hug.
SECURE YOUR CHILD IN BED – No more falling off the bed! The fidgetbum keeps your child perfectly secure throughout the night. It prevents kids from accidentally kicking off the covers or rolling out of bed.
PORTABLE, LIGHTWEIGHT & EASY TO CLEAN – Cleaning is breeze with the machine washable fidgetbum. It also folds neatly, making it easy to take with you during travel or sleepovers.
UTMOST COMFORT – Unlike a weighted blanket, the fidgetbum is made of a thin luxury 4-way stretch cotton fabric that feels soft and smooth against the skin. It’s also light enough so it doesn’t restrict your child’s movement.
IDEAL FOR CHILDREN WITH SPECIAL NEEDS – Our snug fabric is especially helpful for kids with autism and sensory issues who often find it hard to sleep longer and comfortably. The fidgetbum is even highly recommended by Occupational Therapists in the UK.