electriQ 12L Portable dehumidifier Great for 3 Bed Homes. Combats Condensation, Damp and Mould.

Price: £129.98
(as of Feb 16,2020 13:34:00 UTC – Details)

Highly Efficient: Removes up to 12L of water per day and is ideal for reducing damp, mould and moisture in large rooms, basements and bathrooms while only using 30% of the energy of a standard dehumidifier
Set and monitor your humidity: Automatically maintains your house at optimal humidity with one touch of a button. Also features a clever light indicator to show the current level of humidity in your room
Improved air quality: Comes supplied with an active carbon filter to keep that musky smell of mould and mildew at bay and there is room to add the optional HEPA filter to trap dust mites, pollen and other nasty things from the air with 99.97% efficiency!
Portable: Hidden castors and easy to carry handle makes this unit very easy to move around the house
Tank or continuous drainage: Large 2.5L antibacterial water tank automatically shuts off when maximum capacity is reached and a continuous drainage hose is included for long-term use