6 Cans Of Fluorescent Neon Spray Can Paint 200ML Graffiti (Banksey) N0 CFCs

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6 CANS OF FLUORESCENT NEON spray can paint 200ML Graffiti (Banksey) NO CTCs PLEASE NOTE YOU GET ALL 6 DIFFERENT COLOURS, of 151 fluorescent neon paint have an extra Bright Matt finish. Each can is a handy approximate 200 ml. our cans of paint contain no CFCs and will give excellent coverage and adhesion. Easy and quick spraying operation which helps minimise loss of paint. Quick drying bright finish makes the surface smooth and good for in theory and exterior application. Always follow the instructions on the can and remember to try a test area first before proper application. Spray paint is only available to over 18’s.6 COLOURS – Red , Pink, Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green